Not nearly enough contnet

I would gladly listen to a daily Aron/Jim Jones podcast , but that amount of content is just not available. What reason is there for there to not be 2-3 new podcasts a day . Breaking Bad cast could sure move faster, covering The Strain start to finish, covering the show "Black Mirror" is surely something Aron would have a blast covering ......c'mon guys WHERE'S THE BEEF!?!?


  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    Bro. Shit takes time, yo.
  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    No, but really, after hearing them talk about the amount of time they spend watching/researching each episode of the shows they cover, I understand why it takes a few days to put together the quality of cast they put out. They are also (possibly) working on a general/non-tv cast that is going to take place of Personal Arrogants, so hopefully that will slake your Jim/A.Ron thirst. I totally agree though, I could listen to J & A daily.
  • @Fresh83‌ Making podcasts is much more time consuming that just turning on the mic and pressing record. My estimate is that for every episode that Bald Move covers, they put in approx 8-10 hours to make a cast about it (could be less, if your streamlined, could be more depending on the show and the episode. For the trademarked "full cast Bald Move treatment," I estimate the following:
    • 2 hrs: Watch an episode a minimum of 2 times. (depending on the episode, could be more).
    • 2 hrs: Read reviews and commentary about the episode. Maybe even listen to other casts. (highly varied, could be more).
    • 1 hr: Write notes for the cast (again, could be more, depending on the episode)
    • 1 hr: Edit and assemble any feedback you'd like to include in the cast (again, could be more)
    • 1-2 hrs: Actual recording of the cast. (most Bald Moves are about 90 min)
    • 1 hr: Any cast editing, time-coding, uploading to various services, etc.
    • Total: 8-10 hours (on the low side).
    In my experience, the less effort put into cast preparation, the shittier the end result. Putting out 1 cast a day is nearly a full-time job. If they streamline various elements, they could probably get that down to 6 hours, but that's pressing it.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    I agree with @WarpFox‌ "Shit takes time yo"
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Jeepers, I used to have a blog I tried to write in daily and that was enough of a pain in the arse. I can't imagine what it would be like trying to churn out even one podcast a day, let alone two or three.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    While I would certainly love to see J & A podcasts all the time, I'm with @hypergenesb‌. It takes a lot more to produce the quality of content they have then you think. Also, right now is a slow point in television; wait until early next year. By the second week of February they will be putting out 3 full television casts a week, in addition to any other content.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't know them or their family/friends/significant others personally, so for all I care they could turn into podcast producing robots that only stop working to power nap and eat soylent green. It's just that the quality might suffer at that point, and if it does, I'm filling my time with pewdiepie videos. :p
  • My advice. Subscribe to more podcasts. Jim and A. Ron may be the best, but there is so much more podcast content to enjoy. Visit our other podcast thread, you'll be drowned in content with that - especially if you get hooked on Hardcore History ;)
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    I actually wouldn't want them to do a cast a day, I'd like that amount of content but i imagine it wouldn't be as punchy/funny, we get what? about 2-4 hours of content just from J&A a week, that's actually quite a lot of time to fill and keep interesting, aside from the actual physical constraints @hypergenesb‌ lists above.

    @AntManBee‌ has it right, Hardcore history is great with buckets of content. Having already inahled all that, I've just finished 'we're alive' , a fictional zombie survival cast, 40 hours and really enjoyable.
  • ReelHeadReelHead Bochum, Germany
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    I think when it comes to "quality vs quantity", I'll choose quality, every time. When you listen to the Q&As, A.Ron and Jim state how much time they need, to bring us their insideful (or endlessly silly) discussions, it becomes apparent that ramping up the output would seriously harm the quality of the casts. Also, more casts would destroy this feeling of joy, when I'm opening the podcast-App and a new, long-awaited Bald Move-cast is ready for the download. Please don't rob me of this feeling ;)
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I think everyone is on the right track. I will say that I could maybe do 20% more content, because the analysis and writing parts come easier to me and my process is a lot different than Jim's, which is why I tend to stray and do things with Cecily, or with Amy, Susan, Kelly, and Nina on OitNB. But I've also noticed that I tend to be more willing to overburden myself and bite off more than I can chew and then suffer from burnout, and not realize that until it's too late. The last thing I want to do is make a bad podcast or batch of them just because I'm over extended.

    Like the Bowman said, it takes about 10 hours to produce a podcast from start to finish. To be honest, we've got that down on most weeks to only be about 8 hours, but then again some particular episodes might baloon out to 12-14, especially when we get stuff like TWD and GoT where we get 10x the feedback that we can realistically use. And some of the stuff we do for fan-support service like ad-free feeds and video, etc, have added pre and post production overhead. And feedback, heck it can take me 2-4 hours some weeks just to edit all that down to where I'm happy with it. Obviously stuff like our 24 podcast takes us significantly less time, but it's still 3-4 hours a piece. So, 4 podcasts is full time work if you don't do anything else.

    The other thing that people don't think about is the business aspects of it. Planning campaigns, planning our schedule, following up on fulfillment of supporter rewards, corresponding to peeps in email, facebook, forums. I mean, damn near everyone that sends me an email that isn't read on the show gets a personal response from me. It might take me a few weeks to get back to you, and I don't get back to everyone (usually if your email didn't get read and you didn't get a response, that means your email made the initial cut, but then was edited down for time, and I don't have a great way to track that) but I make an honest effort. We also spend a significant amount of time doing R&D for new stuff, like this year video was obviously all new, and while it's still more amateur hour than I'd like, we've come along way. Recently we came up with some new tricks and techniques we're excited about for stuff down the line, and it takes time to do all that. Keeping the books, preparing for taxes, keeping our accountant happy (which is consuming a lot of our "free" time right now, and it's something we both loathe so it probably takes more time than it should), making sure our cashflow is positive. Chasing down advertisers, which we all do in house so far... That stuff never stops.

    One other problem, is the magic only really happens if we're both on board with a particular show. So, you might think, Oh man, I'd love it if Jim and A.Ron did Arrow, or Archer, or The Good Wife, or Ray Donnovan, or one of a dozen other worthy shows we don't get around to cover, and maybe you'd be right if we took the time to catch up and organically decided "this show is hot shit, we gotta talk about it", but often you'd probably be disappointed, because we're just not into it as much as you are, and you could tell, cause we're not very good at faking orgasms. There are podcasts that do that sort of thing, to varying levels of success, but it's not our bag.

    So in reality, 3 pods a week is full time, 4 is 50ish hours, and it kind of goes up from there. There were quite a few weeks we did six, and I think there were one or two where we put out 7 pods, which is kind of insane. February is shaping up to be particularly brutal. We're going to be doing 4-5 shows a week AND the entirety of House of Cards on the weekends.

    But yeah, I wish we could do even more, because as you can imagine our revenue is roughly tied to the amount of podcasts we produce and the amount of traffic we produce. If we could do so while keeping the quality up, it would be a no brainer because we like money and making people happy as much as the next guy or gal. Ironically, the first thing we'd do if we made, say, double the money we make now is hire a business manager (we talk about this as "finding our Khoo", referring to Robert Khoo who probably is most responsible for saving/making Penny Arcade what it is today) to worry about everything that isn't content, and maybe that would free up time for another podcast, but we're a ways away from that right now.

    Oh yeah, and I get long winded on posts like this. Jesus Christ, I gotta get back to prepping for our spoiler section for Breaking Bad 204, "Down", haha.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Two words: unpaid internships. Get some wet behind the ears, bright eyed RTVF student, and pile grunt work on him until he's as hardened as a Battle of Verdun trench runner.
  • I think the amount of content is great, more than any other podcast tandem I follow.

    There does seem to be a little less content going out right now, but like others have mentioned, the amount of TV airing right now is sparse due to the holidays.

  • February is shaping up to be particularly brutal. We're going to be doing 4-5 shows a week AND the entirety of House of Cards on the weekends.

    Does this even include your involvement in the BMNCP (Bald Move Nerd Culture Podcast)? Forget sleeping..
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