The Deuce 208 - Nobody Has to Get Hurt

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Director: Tanya Hamilton
Writer: George Pelecano


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    My vote for the line of the season (series?), “Damn. Ya’ll murdered the shit out of that motherfucker” 
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  • Bobby killing CC was maybe a little too much. It's quite the leap to go from running a massage parlor to killing someone because of a lighter. I thought the point of Vince not killing the guy was to show that people not in the game can't make the same types of choices that people in the game can do, but Bobby killing CC throws that out the window. I don't want to complain too much because it was still a wonderful episode and has been a damn fine season. 
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    So thankful the writers knew exactly when to pull the CC plug. He was well written and important to the plot line, but I don’t think I could have handled one more moment of his arrogant ass.

    It’s obvious Bobby and Frankie are a bit shocked by the killing, but Bobby is a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so snapping after disrespectful wife comments did not surprise me. 
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    Yeah, I have no problem buying Bobby losing his temper and stabbing C.C. - it's extreme, but it tracks with the way his whole character arc has been going this season. It's good from a narrative point of view, too - C.C. was a great character and well-played, but there was really nowhere else for his story to go once Lori was out of the picture. Besides, he talked too much.

    Either way, Black Frankie's "Damn. Y'all murdered the shit out of that motherfucker" instantly enters the canon of all-time great David Simon show lines, and gave me probably the biggest laugh I've ever gotten out of this show.
  • I had this tiny little theory that CC was going to kill Dorothy. Then as it was going along I really thought it's going to happen. I thought that CC saw himself in a no win situation. I mean he's not stupid enough to actually mess with the mob, right? He does realize his station in life as a Pimp compared to the Mob. So is this possible? Since he can't mess with the Mob directly, and he couldn't hurt Lori at this point cause she is not the property of the Mob. Instead he plays a mental game with Lori. However, he really didn't get what he wanted out of that. I think he thought she would be begging, or at the very least would have reassured him that he was still her Daddy. Whatever.....I truly thought that CC was going to go after Dorothy. Now that Lori was gone he wouldn't let people think that he lost her. He would say he 'wanted to get rid of her, there's a 100 more out there just like her' But the next time he ran into Dorothy it would be to much, and he would kill her....I even thought they were setting her up for it too. Since she got kicked off Dave activist team. They may still kill her off, but who would do it? ummmmmm
  • Came here to comment along the same lines re: CC's murder.  I think it definitely puts Dorothy even more in the pimps' crosshairs.  Not only was CC the one keeping them from hurting Dorothy, and that unlikely voice of reason has been removed, but the pimps will link his disappearance to the mob.  With Lori safely in CA, Dorothy becomes the proxy for all the prostitutes trying to get out from under their control.
  • @EdinNJ Good point about CC voice of reason evaporating.
    What I didn't get is, why did Frankie and Bobby humor CC for so long? Why didn't Bobby just drag him out right away and royally F him up for being such a dick? Was the idea of women as property so ingrained among them that they just sat there like it was a very annoying  business negotiation?
    I could see Bobby dragging & kicking CC down the hall instead of letting it go on so long. I could see Bobby and Black Frankie kicking him to the curb like trash. But what exactly is Frankie's boiling point? I know he hammered CC but It took him long enough to help Bobby!

    I feel gross about myself after scenes like this, where I know what I'd like to do to CC in that spot, vs. what the characters actually do because they are who they are. Curse you Pellicanos!
    p.s. Loved Eileen's progress
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