906 - Who Are You Now? (Hater Edition)

Written by a guy mostly known for, you guessed it, Power Rangers, kids shows, and some mediocre S8 episodes. 
Directed by a guy who’s previous experience was a mediocre episode from S8, a lot of pretty average CBS shows, and Person of Interest which was actually a good show so mixed bag overall I’d say. 


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    Welcome to haters thread everyone, if you’re a genuine fan of TWD this thread is not for you, please direct yourself to the Fan Edition. This thread is for everyone who thinks this show is a hot dumpster fire but lacks the moral fiber to quit it cold turkey. I will be posting my usual live reactions in this thread as well as anything I might find typically offensive with the show. 
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    This thread will be a Full Spoilers thread unless I receive feedback requesting otherwise. If you’re not really a fan of this show then you probably don’t really care about leaks and neither do I so fuck it, open season. As mentioned in the other thread please try to keep the super negativity confined to this thread. You can also post positive comments in this thread if you feel like it and I might depending on how good the episode is but do not come in here and complain about the negativity because that’s why I made two threads this time around. 
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    This is going to be a wild experiment. 
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    Following this thread, not the other. 
  • This would be entirely too ridiculous to do for any other show except for this one but cosmic circumstances have aligned to make this experiment possible so we’ll see how it turns out. Mostly I’m just watching now to see if they’ll fuck up the timejump somehow. 
  • @Alkaid13 This thread idea is better than most plot lines the writers come up with. 
  • Threads like this are the new Live Watches.
  • By the way, if you ever notice that I start these rants a little after the episode actually starts it’s because I’m waiting for the episode to be far enough ahead that I don’t have to sit through all the ads. 
  • Yeah ok let’s do this. 
  • Jesus, no not that Jesus, Carol looks like a woods witch. 
  • This emotional scene would be much more impactful if I didn’t know Rick was going to show up again in some made for TV movie. 
  • Also I see they haven’t improved upon the animal technology since the deer incident because that Bird CGI looks just awful. 
  • Ah yes, the Rick Grimes memorial collapsed bridge. 
  • Lol nice robot arm there Aaron. 
  • I guess Zeke and Carol adopted Morgan jr. from last season. 
  • Heyo! Looks like we finally got some fucking windmills. Also Gabriel looks like a proper pilgrim with that hat. 
  • I’m not sure how Michonne knew that was a belt shiv but sure ok. 
  • Boy Rosita and Gabriel hooked up huh?
  • How are these assholes still alive?! You just let them go after that shootout???
  • Yeah alright Eugene, good fucking luck trying to romance Rosita. Girl literally picked Gabriel over you. 
  • Boom! That was some harsh kid verbal justice. Damn Negan you just got told up by a pre-teen. 
  • Come on Eugene! That was a 5 foot drop max. 
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    Ice cold Carol. Or burning hot I guess. Only took you like 10 years to get around to it but I guess better later than never. 
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    That Colt Python is comically huge in that girl’s hands. 
  • I feel like Darryl looks greasier and greasier every season. 
  • I’d actually be on board with this show if the zombies had suddenly gained sentience and the ability to talk. I know those are people disguised as zombies but I’d honestly prefer the former. 
  • Well surprise surprise, when you don’t have the team responsible for the complete devastation of the franchise helming an episode it turns out to not be a shitshow. Who would have figured right? See y’all again next week, same undead time, same undead channel. 
  • In addition to the talking zombies, I'm pretty sure I also heard Carol say "Dracarys" when she set those ex-Saviors on fire.  
  • This show would be at least 50% better with a dragon or two in it. 
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