Possible Inspiration from the Jacob Wetterling Case

After watching the latest episode - I was really struck with the detail of no one following up on the car that was described in the area several times (brown sedan) and the folks that don't look like they are from around the area as well. 

This is 100% what happened in the Jacob Wetterling case.  If you listen to season one of the In the Dark podcast - it covers this in full detail - but in a nutshell:

Jacob was kidnapped in 1989 while riding his bike with a few friends while going to the local store to rent a movie.  The police get involved and do a full scale investigation and nothing ever comes up.  It is revealed though that the police missed TONS of evidence and clues that should have been followed up on - but due to the many different police agencies involved and lack of proper communication - the ball was clearly dropped.

The biggest key here - is that many people that police did not end up talking to - reported a specific unknown car always seen slowly following kids around and that there was a strange man that was always trying to get children in the area to get into his car.  Police even took pictures of the tire tread from a gravel driveway in case it ever came up again - but no one ever followed up on this theory, which turned out to be exactly what happened. 

It is discovered through the podcast that many of the people not questioned had this information - and the man found responsible for kidnapping Jacob (Danny Heinrich) in 2016 linked directly to that specific car and attacks reported. 

I have a strong feeling this is what the true crime woman is heading towards in the current timeline.  The podcast brought out so many details that police never acted on that it caused people previously accused of the crime to be more vocal and raise lawsuits against the town and FBI that helped in the investigation.

Just in case anyone is curious and wants to see for themselves, please check it out - it is really well done.



  • That is such an excellent podcast but such a sad and disturbing case because it seemed like it could have been stopped at several points. You are right, there are absolutely shades of that case here, along with the West Memphis 3, but I don't know if it will tell us anything about the plot or if it is just for color and to make the story "ring true". I will definitely be watching for more references though, good call.
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