Starting the wire



  • Hey sorry, been busy etc. Watched episode 6 last night of s1. Definitely going to continue, interesting characters. But I’ve got 2 episodes of the kingdom left so I’m going to finish that then re focus on the wire. And damn, the wire has some talent! 
  • I also am in a funny place with it where I understand the gist of things going on and am finding that interesting along with the characters and actors, but still don’t know any names apart from mcnulty 
  • I should have learned by now that the best stuff can’t be background-watched, can be slow or confusing, and may cause you to give up early. I’m embarrassed at the shows/movies I had to restart: The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Expanse, Thrones (didn’t restart, but needed a guide), The Terror, Miller’s Crossing, Deadwood, and The Godfather (I was young).
  • On episode 8, been able to watch 1 or 2 a week roughly. It’s picking up and I’m enjoying it and am certainly going to continue. Still don’t know character names but I know faces and everyone’s role and what everyone is roughly doing. I’m starting to see the whole “the wire is a work of art” thing and some scenes are surprisingly eye opening and shocking to watch considering this is from 2002? 
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