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Someone made a 2 hour "movie" from the series highlights.  I watched 10 minutes so far  and hope to watch the rest tomorrow during the east coast snow storm. The transitions from one scene to another one are rough but it looks like a fun way to re-live the highlights of the series without having to re-watch the entire series due to not having 60+ spare hours to watch it again.  Breaking Bad is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite TV shows.


  • Wahl-eWahl-e Seattle
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  • Wahl-eWahl-e Seattle
    Overall, I loved this recap of the series. Some thoughts:

    • The relationship with Jesse is really underplayed. This makes me think that someone unfamiliar with Breaking Bad would have a hard time following the plot. I'd be interested to see what a brand new viewer would make of the plot. from this shortened version. I'd also be interested to know why the editors made the decision to cut out Jesse so much. He really is the catalyst for the story, and helps to smooth out a lot of the plot. That moment of him driving away really represents the climax of the series for me. 
    • I was generally on Walt's side for the most part throughout the series (a Walt apologist, if you will), but this recap really does paint him as a master villain, almost from the start. It definitely helped change my view in that regard.
  • ClaretoClareto New Zealand
    Watched about an hour of it. It's definitely not for someone who hasn't watched the show already, the jumps between scenes are a little dodgy and random, but for a fan i'm sure its a good way to relive moments without watching the whole show.
  • I think it would have made a pretty rubbish film. Just as long books don't make decent films.  The time with Walt and Jessie and the slow descent into the criminal life, the way the scale of it ramps up each season until you can barely remember who he was in episode 1, that's the magic of it. Rushing it really takes something away from it.  Even rewatching when all the episodes are available I found a lesser experience.  I've watched it with people who are viewing for the first time, but doing that over a month or two isn't the same as watching for 5 years, having the character in your life that long, the wait between seasons and of course, listening to podcasts between each episode. 

    For me that's partly why TV is far more interesting than film now. Shared experience and debate over what will happen next, what was good/bad in a particular episode.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I'm really excited to watch this.  I talked to Jim about it this morning, he'd seen the first 15 minutes and then shut it off because he felt it didn't even come close to capturing what made BrBa special.  I of course have to see for myself.  Might spin a Bald Move TV out of it.
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    Thursdays are dreadful at work. I drive a medical taxi, and I have a list of stat runs which means I am by myself with no passengers to chat with ( I'll be taking lab stuff from one lab to another)... I plan to watch it then. (And by watch I mean listen, of course!) I heard it's rather dry but I am all caught up on my podcasts so this will be a fun thing to listen to!
  • Can't wait!
  • I figured that's the way it would have to go.  There wasn't much else to do in the main Breaking Bad timeline aside from checking in on Jesse.  Think he gets back into the meth game?  Does he lose another girlfriend?
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