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Hey I saw some interest in the threads about having a place to speculate/discuss stuff based on what we know from the comics.  I'd like to avoid any info that comes from production leaks please, and just play in the wiggle room they've created by only broadly following the story set forth in the comics. Though it should be very obvious already...



  • Am I the only one who post (time jump) initially thought Carol was a goner based solely on how horrifyingly awesome her long haired head would look on a spike?
  • okay, so thoughts on the Highwaymen being introduced was to not only give us some cannon-fodder for the spike scene we know is coming, but to give us some characters that the other characters in the show don't know.

    Whisperers are slipping  into the fair as civilians to kidnap/head spike people. In the comic I think there was quite a few people that didn't know each other, but currently in the show we can likely assume that most people know who each other is. Now when somebody says "who's that over there" the other character will say I think it's part of the group Carol and Ezekiel brought in.

    What's our main character Dead Pool for head spikes? I'm going 
    • Ezekiel
    • Enid
    • Rosita

  • lengmolengmo RTP, NC
    I wouldn't think Enid.  You could say based on increased screen time it's Jerry and the older couple who adopted the baby. 


    If we assume the season ends with the heads on spikes, how long do the Whisperers last next season?  I'd say first half.


    This version of the Whisperers is IMO sufficiently darker and crazier than the Whisperers in the comics that it really changes their trajectory.  In the show there's not a desire to live peacefully next to the settlements at this point; they're already on a collision course (in part for the way Lydia was taken from the Whisperers).  There's no need for Negan to kill Alpha to precipitate matters; Alpha and Beta are much more similar in the show than in the comics.


    I think it's smart how the show has made things darker than in the comics, with the settlements isolated, the Kingdom failing, pre-ZA equipment/food being depleted, etc.  I have no idea if the 10th season will be the last, but they could have the remnants of the main settlements be taken in by the Commonwealth and leave it there.
  • I just realized that we never see Alpha's face in the comics until after she has taken the fair victims. So like @redlancer said it's probably going to be a group that infiltrates the fair rather than just Alpha because plenty of people have stared at her face for however long that stand off is. Its more realistic than her just taking 5-6 people on her own anyway. Longer term I am starting to think that, as cool and impactful of an image Carol's hairy head would be on a spike, they stick with Zeke. I am toying with the idea that Carol is the one who confronts and ultimately kills Alpha based on how they mirror each other in some ways. A scene of her cutting off her hair and going to kill for the first time in a couple years. That said if they were to do that I don't know how Negan gains everyone's trust. Are they really going to just have him save a wounded Michonne?

    Death Pool

    Jerry's Wife
    Enid's Boyfriend (Alden?)
  • So Im guessing Michonnes friend she finds this episode is pulled from the thread in the comics where she finds her daughter living in the Commonwealth?

    Seemed to really gloss over the plot point where a major character finds someone they had a close relationship with pre-apocalypse after a decade+

    I thought they might roll that into the larger movie plot if DG goes that route, but seems like they kinda used up the tension from that reveal.

  • I agree that they seemed to want to use that moment before she left the show, I also assumed that Rick's movies were to some extent be part of her departure from the show. Like she leaves to find him and DG probably is done with TV but is willing to consider doing a movie with Andy Lincoln. That said they like to set up big moments from the comics with new stuff that is a less impactful but similar version.

    Claimers set up the Saviors
    Wolves set up the Whisperers
    Maybe this somehow sets up Michonne finding her daughter.

    These moves are what I believe Gimple thinks of as "good storytelling" and everyone else sees as "being redundant as fuck."
  • Soooooo I haven’t watched in roughly 1.5 seasons, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna check out tonight’s episode for “that” scene from the comics...
  • Soooooo I haven’t watched in roughly 1.5 seasons, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna check out tonight’s episode for “that” scene from the comics...
    Meh.  I thought the pike scene was kinda underwhelming, although probably because I knew what was coming for the most part.  Mildly intrigued by the decision to not kill off Rosita & Zeke.

    Firstbump got done dirty, though.
  • My death pool was a giant swing and a miss. They kind of chewed around the edges in terms of major characters, but it seemed like they grabbed a bunch of the young folks who were around Lydia's age and I doubt that ends up being coincidence, seeing as how Alpha thinks her daughter has been stolen from her. I like how they let us think it was Rosita for just a second (convo between Gabriel and Eugene) before dropping the fist bump reveal.
  • I was really hoping for a Negan stinger although it wouldn't have been well received
  • We might get one next week.

    I can see Michonne walking into the jail and saying to Negan, "I've got a job for you" and tossing lucille into the cell as the last shot of the season.
  • Yea that's kinda what I had in mind. Man can you imagine if Negan brings back Alpha's head like in the comics? Would that be enough to win back the audience without repelling them on the sheer gore of chopping a woman's head off? It's a big part of his redemption arc in the comics but I can't imagine it comes across as redemptive.
  • But they have to cut him loose somehow because they can't skip the Beta vs Negan scenes from the big battle. 
  • Byrdie said:
    But they have to cut him loose somehow because they can't skip the Beta vs Negan scenes from the big battle. 
    RIP Lucille   :(
  • Good point, have they reintroduced Lucille yet? Or is it really gonna be like they just give it to Negan to activate "psycho killer" mode. 
  • So uhhhhh... anyone wanna talk about what just happened?

    The one thing which confused me is the rarity of zombies.  Did I miss a reference to the zombie virus having been cured or running its course?  Wouldn't people who die still turn unless something had changed in the universe? 
  • As the story went along and the various communities we ran into got bigger and more stable there was less chaos around death and more, "we have a protocol." So I think the assumption is that a large, stable, safe, and very aware society is able to keep people from turning more effectively. So couple that with the expansion of safe zones, which seems to imply a culling of large swaths of the dead to clear areas, its implied that humanity has "gotten a handle on," their new normal. I agree its not explicitly stated. I wonder if thats subtly an underlying part of why Carl feels he needs to stay nearby his old neighbor? Its a fair point though to be sure, I am using a fair bit of head canon because ultimately I have no idea. 
  • Other than that, it was a very impressive run of comics.  My only real problem with them is how immature everyone was written; characters would become enraged at any little thing.  I would much rather drama be provided by "zombie [herd] comes out of nowhere".

    It's interesting how the comic had a hopeful trajectory and the show is trending darker.
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