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  • Did anyone else expect the Skyrim dragon music to start playing when they arrived at Winterfell and the town folk started running and screaming?
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Great episode! I think the whole laying bodies/body parts out in elaborate patterns is and has always been pretty dumb. That one was kind of cool looking at least with the fire and the almost Targaryen looking symbol.

    There was also a shot looking down on Winterfell when the dragons first got there and they flew up towards the camera that may have been one of the worst looking shots in the entire series. The castle looked like they pulled it out of the title sequence and plopped it on a generic background. And as @CapeGabe said, the dragon riding was pretty iffy. But those are my only complaints. I can live them.

    I totally thought Bran was being nice to Sam saying he was waiting for an old friend. The Jaime payoff was great.
    That was the same spiral symbol they always make, going all the way back to the same spiral stone pattern around the weirwood tree where the Night King was created.
    It did remind me of the Targaryen dragon symbol when they lit it on fire.
    Totally. I just have a hard time picturing a White Walker taking the time to nail body parts up on the wall. I wonder if we'll ever find out why or what it means. (Other than calling back to that original stone pattern)
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    I (my wife) fucked up and agreed to go to watch party.  Couldn’t hear it too well and people were cheering and talking. Definitely not doing that again, I just need low light and silence, no more watch parties
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    Gan said:
    I'm not talking about the Instant Talk. Just the instant take part. The one that isn't for club members. The free one. 
    It's on the Apple podcasts now. Can't speak for any others but it should be very, very soon if not.
  • Having rewatched the pilot last week, the symmetry was pretty cool. It sounded like they remixed the music that they used for Robert's caravan arriving at Winterfell with the Unsullied theme. And then ending with Bran/Jaimie again. My question is who keeps wheeling Bran around to these specific places on the courtyard? Pretty sure he's not wheeling himself, that ground is muddy as hell and he doesn't have off-road tires.
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    Holy fuck the jump scare fucking got me. HBO WHY THO? 

    Edit - glad they toned back the creepy Bran this episode. He's almost normal. Please keep it this way. 

    My general thoughts on the episode is that a bunch of stuff got resolved a bit too neatly (Yara, Jon learning his lineage, I think there was more but don't remember right now), but these all felt necessary for getting to the true end game, and I am hype for the next episode. 
  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
    I swear to The Seven, if they just bring back Ghost for the Winterfell battle and kill him in the same episode, I'm blaming all of the fans clamoring for the direwolves to be a part of a pitched battle where any animal is destined to die.

    I just want Jon to either set Ghost free and I can imagine that he lives happily ever after, OR for us to have the direwolves assist in a fight scene where there arent 100k wights and fire breathing dragons fighting in an open field.

    Reference: Summer jumping into a mass of wights because dogs/wolves don't understand that jumping on 1 zombie allows for the other 100 nearby zombies to stab you to death.
  • So yeaah. Seen this mentioned on the web already, but is Cersei drinking wine a confirmation she is indeed not pregnant?
  • I'm like how they've been expedient in getting through the lower stakes stuff (reunions, Yara rescue, etc). I loved when Arya sees Jon riding into Winterfell and has this look of wanting to yell out to him or something and then seemingly feels foolish for it. But had the thought, oh god, is she really not going to see Jon this episode? Glad that wasn't the case.

    Unless they're going to go full on internal strife ends up being their downfall, I hope the Jon is a Targ/lineage debate doesn't eat up too much of what precious little time we have left.
  • The episode is named "Winterfell" according to this page: https://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones/season-8/1-winterfell
  • "You're not my Daddy!" - Drogon glaring at Jon
  • Such a great episode overall with all the reunions. My main gripes against the episode have already been mentioned but basically the dragon CG when it comes to Dany and Jon riding them which I can easily get past that.

    The reunions were fantastic and I was so happy to see Arya jump into Jon's arms. That is the ONLY way I would have been happy with their reunion. Arya reacting to seeing the hound walking through the city in the beginning and her quick conversation with him before the Arya Gendry reunion was spot on and exactly as I would expect. I thought there was some low key flirting between Gendry and Arya and as much as I don't think she'd romanticize with anyone, I completely ship that relationship. Arya's smirk when the dragons showed up was amazing, it had me grinning ear to ear. 

    I'm glad they quickly got to Euron and the Golden Company. I was extremely surprised Yara was able to be rescued so easily and happy to see Theon do the right thing and go to Winterfell. I question what Cersei taking a sip of wine means, but in time we will find out.
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    ray_x03 said:
    The episode is named "Winterfell" according to this page: https://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones/season-8/1-winterfell
    Yeah it's listed on HBO NOW as well. Weird decision to hide the title from us. It gives away nothing that any who pays attention to episode titles wasnt already expecting and nothing that the actors and creators havent already teased in interviews (the episode centers around Jon and Dany arriving at Winterfell).

    There was an entire EW article talking about how the first episode would be everyone reuniting in Winterfell and mirror much of the first episode of season 1.
  • Anyone think the voice volume is mixed really low? I usually watch at 16-20 on my TV but could hardly hear dialogue on 28. I think they are setting us up for some serious jumpscares in later episodes.

    I'll be trying to watch the show and then BLAM! I jump scare and the people who were trying to sleep elsewhere in the house wet their beds and run out of the house crying.
  • DrKenDrKen Chicago
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  • Was Bran sitting out there all night? Shouldn't he have known when Jaime was coming?
  • CeciliaM said:
    Was Bran sitting out there all night? Shouldn't he have known when Jaime was coming?
    I guess Greensight is more of an art than a science.
  • Make Tyrion Smart Again
  • I think it was ok for a season opener but later I realized I was anxious the whole time when they would  drop the ball again. That's probably not going away this season on first watch.
    The logistics roughly match up with Euron getting the golden company and Jon and Dany travelling to Winterfell.
    It really doesn't look like winter in the north though, I mean Stannis had a lot harder time than the Dothrakis and Unsullied. 
  • NTSB has to regulate dragon safety features (saddles at a min - right??) - that shit has to be hazardous.

  • Bran AKA THE 3 Eyed Plot Device.  
  • I guess Im in the minority, and thought the episode wasn't that great. I thought the reunions were a little flat, and short. They episode was short, plenty of time for those scenes to be extended. I usually am the one defending GoT when people don't like an episode. But I just wasn't feeling it. The best reunion was Tormund and Edd, haha.

    Drogon was so jealous, it totally reminded me of my dog when i show someone else attention. Was pretty funny.

    Can they just show me 14 secs of Ghost. Something, anything. At this point might as well say he ran off and leave it at that.

  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Can Bran see in Essos? In the books he sort of has the limitation of seeing only seeing what a Weirwood cans see but there is talk of him one day learning how to see beyond that. Clearly since he saw inside the Tower of Joy he doesn't have that limitation. I just had this thought of him wanting to prove to Dany he has the power and then not being able to see what she did over the sea and then her not wanting to believe him. Probably not going to have that limitation but I thought it could be interesting.
  • kuman07kuman07 Kansas City
    I think the title of the episode was "I've Always Had Blue Eyes".
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    Maybe they thought "Winterfell" would get people hyped for a wight battle at Winterfell, like I was. I was very surprised and disappointed that it didn't begin during this episode.

    Arya's diagram... I thought it looked like a harpoon, but we haven't seen gunpowder in this universe, so not sure if that's possible. I guess it could use a spring.
  • Maybe they thought "Winterfell" would get people hyped for a wight battle at Winterfell, like I was. I was very surprised and disappointed that it didn't begin during this episode.

    Arya's diagram... I thought it looked like a harpoon, but we haven't seen gunpowder in this universe, so not sure if that's possible. I guess it could use a spring.
    My money is on another misdirection with Arya. Last season we thought she was getting screwed by Littlefinger. This season I bet the Harpoon looking thing is going to come across across as weapon against Dany’s dragons but it’s really going to be a dragonglass arrow for Viserion. 
  • I also wonder how fragile viserion is. Will he easily shatter with a single hit from valyerian steel or dragonglass? Or will it take more? 
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Yeah, obviously they are really crunched for time and resources but I would be hard pressed to not prioritize making some kind of dragon armor, right? How awesome would that be?
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