805 - The Bells

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Directed by Miguel Sapochnik
Written by David Benioff and Dan Weiss
Runtime 78 minutes 

Happy Mother’s Day!


  • If I don’t get a pre battle montage with Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness playing I’m done with this show
  • Does Drogon get the "Oh wah ah ah ah"?
  • NoelNoel Dallas, TX
    gguenot said:
    If I don’t get a pre battle montage with Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness playing I’m done with this show
    Just did the “ooh ah ah ah ah” intro sound in my head
  • Does Drogon get the "Oh wah ah ah ah"?
    That would be so dope lol
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    God I’m so fuckin hype! Hi fives all around the room!  Also happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers of dragons and allllllssso all you mothers of anotha brotha.  All you strong women teaching that next gen. Props!

    Now let’s kill Cersei and get some Clegane Bowl up in this mug!
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    They are going to find stonedrafons under dragstone, 
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
  • This isn't even over and it's so dumb already. Sigh.
    ken haleElisatelephoneofmadnessCretanBull
  • Worst episode ever.  Complete departures of everyone’s character...  
    RenaisWomnMajorMalfunctionken haleElisaCretanBullpamatucci
  • That. Was. Unspeakable.
  • Woof. I had a hell of a time watching this. But I can already feel the takes washing over me like hot hot dragon related genocide.
  • calebthrowercalebthrower South Carolina
    I would’ve REALLY liked to see Cersei die at the hands of someone...I guess the bricks of King’ Landing were the younger brother of something
  • BenBen Melbourne - Australia
    edited May 2019
    I like the story they are telling, Dany has done everything she has said she would do and what they have shown as prophecy in the TV show. If you're out I'm sad for you, and I hope you'll go quietly into the night. Its been a wild ride. 
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    Soooooo was that scene between Jaime and Cersei supposed to make me feel some type of way???? Cause fuck all that shit, glad they died.

    awesome episode though!!
    GredalBeeRenaisWomnmajjam0770blue_sleeveken haleElisaUnderwood
  • Everyone in Kingslanding: *dies from dragon fire* 

    Arya: *inserts cheat code* *horse appears*  *rides off on horse*

    GredalBeeTheRealCrazyDaveCeciliaMken haleElisavisi0ntelephoneofmadnessjeneteeFunBagGrabberpamatucci
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    The Mad Queen vs the Starks for the finale.

    im game!
  • MattyWeavesMattyWeaves Mid-State New York
    I was holding on as long as I could. I made excuses, and I was optimistic. I can't process Dany right now...

    But Jaime and Cersei? That's how they go? After everything they've done, no one actually gets to kill either one of them?

    I think I'm going to do it, I'm probably hitting that bankruptcy button.
    GredalBeekojiattwoodweeniegirlken haleElisarustywright4
  • Fan bankruptcy left me watching this with no emotion. No sadness, no joy, no excitement. Just sat watching thinking of what could have been.

    None of the actions seemed to be earned. They just happen. Maybe a few more episodes to set the stage wouldn't have hurt. Just seemed to rush to check off boxes.

    Dany's madness was the worst. Hey I just won everything I ever wanted with little effort. Time to destroy it, 'cause I'm a Mad Targaryen.

    I wish there was some rage in me but it's just sad that this is what they chose to do for the final season.
    kojiattwoodblacksunrise7majjam0770ken haleElisaMFGrustywright4telephoneofmadnessmattsdarthcaedus1138and 3 others.
  • Man Jon. A lot of dead people in King’s Landing really wish you had sex with your aunt, so she would have tried ruling with love. 

    Just. Saying. 
    MarciCeciliaMmajjam0770b.larevken halealexander.klassenSchlupprustywright4kroll87visi0nand 2 others.
  • right proper sacking. My boy Tyrion fucked by D&D
    blacksunrise7ken haleElisa
  • I want to be in the writers' room for that one.

    "So how does Cersei die? Anyone?"

    "What if rocks fall on her?"


    GredalBeekojiattwoodCeciliaMken haleElisaraabnhoodMFGtelephoneofmadnessdarthcaedus1138
  • MarciMurderbearCeciliaMken haleElisaalexander.klassencdrivekroll87telephoneofmadnessUnderwoodand 5 others.
  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
    Incredible episode. Great, emotional 2-hander scenes mixed with big moments and incredible action sequences. And everything that happened with every character has been building to this, especially Dany (check the tape).

    Just because a viewer doesn't personally like what a character does or what happens to them really doesnt say anything about the quality of the show or the writing. It says something about your personal expectations.

    Pointing out the things that Dany has done right as evidence that she wouldnt let her anger get the best of her and burn everything is like saying that Jaime saving Brienne isn't part of his character because he pushed a kid out of a window one time.

    Dany is a conflicted character with a lot of goodness and flaws. If she loses everything she ever loved and is surrounded by people she sees as enemies, I could see her wanting to burn everything.
    gjulleenMurderbearBenCeciliaMawookieehisdudeness915gjames80liquidmeliblue_sleevemajjam0770and 13 others.
  • hisdudeness915hisdudeness915 Atlanta, Ga
    I’d be pissed off if I gave someone a sentimental item that belonged to a recently deceased friend and they just threw it into the fire. Just sayin....dick move, Grey Worm, dick move 
  • I actually thought this episode was...fine? Like, I hate the direction they have taken Dany's story, but that's the story they are telling, so I'll look at it in that framework. Within that framework, this episode worked. Random thoughts.

    This is what the dragons should have been all along, and have been every time except the last 2 episodes. It makes their haplessness the last 2 episodes even more glaring, though.

    In the end, it turns out Jamie was, in fact, a piece of shit. Who'd have thought the guy who tried to murder a child was a garbage person. I'm glad, frankly, his arc ended this way. I never bought into his redemption. 

    I loved that budget Jamie lasted all of 30 seconds of screen time. Nice.

    Cleganebowl was great. That the Hound threw himself into a fire to kill his brother was perfect. 

    Lots of mouth bleeding this episode. 

    Arya is gonna have CTE from this and the long night. 

    Drogon breaking open the gate was an amazing moment. 

    Arya horse was dumb. 

    Arya and Hound parting was was great. 

    A little heavy on the atomic bomb imagery, guys. Especially with the dragons being hand grenades at most the last 2 episodes. 

    Fuck it, I want Dany to win now. This is how Aegon did it. That's the tragedy. She breaks the wheel, and build a new wheel. How's that for bittersweet. Dany wins, but is a ruthless tyrant, and with no heirs, as soon as she dies, it all starts again. 
  • hisdudeness915hisdudeness915 Atlanta, Ga
    edited May 2019
    Drogon being so dominate  just makes last week’s “ambush” even dumber. That said, the rule of cool wins out. That was awesome 
  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL

  • hisdudeness915hisdudeness915 Atlanta, Ga
    So....Arya is totally going after Dany now,right? 
  • That was fucking awesome. Drogon was a nuclear bomb. I’m heartbroken Dany made this decision but not surprised. 
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