How to fix Dany’s turn in “The Bells”

Now, I don’t think that HBO would ever do this, but, just like there is a fan edit of the original Star Wars trilogy, I think that if you edit in a few shots when Dany is overlooking the city while the bells toll, you could right this wrong. 

Two shots exactly: number 1: a shot of the Lannister men kneeling to Jon and the north men; number 2: a shot of Jamie making his way through the city to Cersei. 

With these two shots, Dany sees the city she just sacked kneeling to the one person who could take what is rightfully hers (in her own mind) and the proof that Tyrion literally left after she told him she would kill him after one more fuck up and fucked up by setting free a traitor. 

Thats just my two cents. What do you guys think?


  • What would cause the Lannister men to kneel to JS and not Dany on a dragon?
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    Because he’s closer? 
  • I had this exact conversation at work yesterday. Someone posted a re-edit of Rhaegal's death on reddit that was a million times better, and what you came up with is essentially the same thing we were imagining for s08e05.

    I actually think a re-mastered version of Season 8 could fix a lot of the problems. Episode 3 is way too dark, and that's easy to fix. You could probably re-edit some scenes to show how half the dothraki survived. I imagine you could splice in some footage to make a scene of Jon saying goodbye to Ghost. Cutting out some of the shots of Arya dodging dragon fire in Kings Landing would probably help too. And some of the other stuff people didn't love (Jaime vs Euron fight) could probably just be cut all together.

  • Because he’s closer? 
    Yea but do people usually kneel to non-King or queens? (Honest question)
  • HunkuleseHunkulese Québec, Canada
    Her turn was fine because I'm sticking with the Bran worged her to make her do it until proven otherwise.
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