Anyone wanna help me do some ecology?

If you have a bird feeder, please help! I am a graduate student finishing up at Mississippi State and starting at University of Florida in the Fall. I am not a forum user, just a listener. I know this is a weird place to ask, but I'm running out of steam on twitter.

I am in need of survey data and photographs for my research. Several studies describe how bird feeders influence bird communities, but few studies also consider landscape context.

I am seeking general information about where people place bird feeders. If you or someone you know has a bird feeder, whether active or not, please fill out this questionnaire (5 questions, 30 seconds) and/or email two photos (one of the feeder and one of the surface directly underneath; see example photos below).

Do you have more than one feeder? Please select one at random to describe for the survey. Would you like to submit photos of more than one feeder? I welcome them all. Also, feel free to share this survey with other bird feeder owners.

Questions, comments, and photos can be sent to with the subject “Bird Feeder†

Thank you,

Survey link:

Example photos:



  • Do you count hummingbird feeders?
  • Another question :) 

    Is your bird feeder located within the boundaries of a city (population >1500 inhabitants)? 

    I live in an unincorporated suburban area in the Seattle area. There are incorporated suburbs all around us (the one 2 miles to the south has 60K residents and there's a small city a half mile to the north with 100K residents) but for whatever reason our little bubble has never been incorporated. However, our landscape is not so different than the incorporated suburbs around us. So I am tempted to answer Yes to this but wanted to check with you.
  • Cecilia,

    Thank you for the questions and for putting thought into this.

    1) All feeders count

    2) I really struggled to make this "city" question informative yet simple and quick to answer. I can not ask for your address / location without acquiring special permissions from the University. IF I had your location, I would use mapping programs to characterize the level of urbanization in some determined buffer around your feeder. With this survey format, I can only ask you to answer it the way it is presented. If your postal address is not within the boundaries of a city, I think you should answer "no" despite your valid concern.

  • OK, I went ahead and answered yes, haha, oops. It's more of a quirk than anything that we're not in a city, we are a very tiny area that is "landlocked" by cities. My real name is Angie, and I sent you an email with the photos.
  • Just took pictures for ya and I'll be sending the email and filling out the questionnaire in just a few minutes.
  • Filled it out a couple of days ago, sorry I forgot to mention it here.
  • Thanks for the help guys. It is truly appreciated. I am getting close to cracking 500 responses!
    Eine Frau
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