The Last of the Czars

JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
As many of you probably remember, the kinda/sorta failed “The Romanoffs” included a couple of episodes surrounding a television series (or movie?) about the actual last gasps of that dynasty. Well, it looks like we are (essentially) getting that series on Netflix.

I haven’t seen a single episode, but it’s on my list. Just opening this thread to see if anyone else has any thoughts. 


  • Thanks, I was in such a good TV place in my life now. Stranger Things,  Chernobyl, Good Omens and Deadwood had washed away the Game of Thrones malaise that began with the truly awful Romanoffs. And then you go and remind me that pile off poop was actually made. Probably have to get shitfaced today to try to re-kill the brain cells that remember that show.
  • JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
    @CapeGabe my bad.
  • I’m looking forward to this. Thanks for bringing it to attention even if it did dredge up memories of The Romanoffs (shudder). It really is such an interesting part of history to me. 
  • JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
    Update: I’m 2 (out of 6) episodes in. It’s really good. It’s 1/2 drama, 1/2 documentary.

    Normally this sort of format doesn’t work for me, but this definitely does.

    This might help you rinse the taste or [that show which will not be named]. It really shows how the Czar and his family made revolution almost inevitable.
  • mtron32mtron32 San Diego
    Not a bad series but I really found it hard to sympathize with them.  Every country needs a good old revolution once in a while to keep it's leaders fearful
  • JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
    mtron32 said:
    Not a bad series but I really found it hard to sympathize with them.  Every country needs a good old revolution once in a while to keep it's leaders fearful
    Well, I mean... the kids though.
  • If you can't stomach murdering a few pampered children then you'll never be able to crush all the enemies of the revolution that are sure to stand in the way of your progress towards a glorious totalitarian state of privation and despair.
  • Doctor_NickDoctor_Nick Terminus
    Yes, I am definitely detecting some revisionist tendencies in this thread.  Please report for re-education, comrades.  
  • April_May_JuneApril_May_June California
    Watched this over the weekend. The part documentary/part drama thing kind of threw me at first, but then I ended up liking that aspect.
    I thought I knew the story, but ended up learning a lot.
    And oh my gosh, those poor kids!  :(
  • I liked this series but don’t love-love it. It seems to be a bit biased on the side of Nicholas.  I’m not sure I liked the side plot of the Anastasia character but it is a part of the aftermath so probably valid to include it. 
    The mixed documentary/drama format actually works pretty well. I got surprisingly emotional at the end given I knew what was coming. It is pretty brutal. 

    One big gap in my history knowledge is what comes after this for Russia. I know broad strokes but not the details of how Lenin and Stalin came to power and pre/post ww2.   One day I will dive in but it seems like it will be pretty brutal and depressing - but interesting part of history. 

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