Why am I just discovering this show???

I started watching The Expanse last month in an attempt to fill the GOT sized hole in my heart.  I gotta say that hearing Jim and A.Ron be so excited and pumped for a show is so nice, especially after that last season of GOT.  Can't wait for season 4!   


  • AlexAlex Seattle
    If you're like me you probably assume everything on the SciFi network is trash. It's the same reason I didn't watch Battle Star Galactica until the series ended. It's good to hear that season 5  already got picked up.
  • NoelNoel Dallas, TX
    I joined the bangwagon after season 3 was available on Prime and was completely satisfied. I even avoided binging (for the most part) because the pod was so damn good. I’m not super heavy into sci-fi so the I loved when the fellas guided me through this complex and wonderful show. Can’t wait for season 4 in the winter!
  • edited July 2019
    I was talked into watching it from the very start by one of my buddies and I'm really glad he talked me into it.  He didn't have access to the SyFy channel and knew I was into these kinds of shows but I was skeptical when it was on SyFy but I'm always down to start a new show so I said fuck it and never looked back.  It's such an amazing show and I didn't get into podcasts until like February of 2017 because I got a new job and got bored of listening to music real quick and found Bald Move fairly early on.  Not exactly sure when they picked up coverage of doing The Expanse but I'm happy as hell they did because their coverage is amazing.  I also listened to The Churn podcast which is right through SyFy I believe but they have the actors on as guests every now and then and it's amazing hearing them talk about the show.  Highly recommend that podcast as well as our guys, mainly because of the actors they get on their show.  
  • I just finished book 1 of the Expanse and am so ready to jump in - I've always heard the Bald Move guys saying great things about it.  I just had to get a GOT-sized hole in my heart to be ready to start this I guess.  

    Also, if anyone knows of good physical book bundles so I can get started on the rest, let me know, my library has a LONG waitlist for this series.  I think a lot of people in my town love Sci-Fi and Fantasy in general.
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