Is there a Master Feed for iTunes?

Red724Red724 Irwin, PA
I just switched from Andriod to iPhone. 

I use to have a master feed with all the baldmove podcast. Is there a way to set that up on iTunes or do I have to download a different podcast app on the app store?


  • calebthrowercalebthrower South Carolina

    You will use the firehouse feed  to get access to all the podcasts in one feed. Just select apple podcasts as your app of choice
  • Red724Red724 Irwin, PA
    thank you :D
  • Also, on iPhone, by all-time favorite podcast app is Overcast.  It's free.  Well worth your time.

    If you were using Pocket Casts on android, it has since gone freemium.  You can get it on iPhone if thats what you prefer.  Most of the main podcast clients from Android are also on iPhone.  Unfortunately, Overcast is not on Android.  I went the other way than you and the only thing I miss is Overcast.
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