A.Ron doesnt know The Sopranos

broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
A.Ron stop talking about the goddamn sopranos. The last like 4 Breaking Bad casts you say "Ok I haven't seen the sopranos except for a few episodes here and there but THIS IS MY OPINION". Fucking cool it with that shit until you've seen the show in its entirety. It's great, theres a little bullshit here and there and you can tell its the first of it's kind but it is DEFINITELY in my top 5 shows of all time without a doubt. Its AMAZING at times. Happy christmas you lovable assholes (I might be a little drunk listening to ur cast right now),

- Love BroomPerson


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Whoa whoa. Have another drink and repeat "It's just TV... it's just TV..."
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    When The Sopranos is good, it's awesome. Show has some of the funniest moments in film/tv history under it's belt.

    Also, you need to drink more. Like, way more. It's the holidays.
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    I will not apologize for my drunken post. Merry Christmas guys! Watch the Sopranos A.Ron!
  • I will say a TV aficionado who hasn't yet watched The Sopranos is akin to a movie buff who hasn't watched the Godfather. It's required viewing for sure.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    The Soprano's is in my top 3 after BB&the Wire, but the stuff A.ron & Jim who has seen it, point out is pretty fair, it does feel a bit dated at times because it has a strong emphasis things like buying the newest model of Mercedes or Porsche, which are recognisabley older now. The whole materialism/american dream thing is a huge theme an as a results it focus's on the flashy products of the time.

    It also does have some really weird episodes like the Tony in a comma stuff was just bull shit, I don't mind this though, the way i see it, some of the flaws of the Sopranos are like the growing pains of golden age TV developing into what has become, Sopranos pushed alot of boundaries and so made a couple of missteps, forgivable, but still missteps.

    It was said alot when Gandolfini died, but without Tony Soprano there would be no Walter White no Don Draper ,no Francis Underwood etc the man just shows total powerhouse acting episode after episode. The Sopranos has a rich and brilliant cast but Gandolfini is why i love the Sopranos so much, case in point

    @PutinOnTheRitz‌ agreed
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, yeah, after I finish Deadwood and Americans season 2 it's next on my list. Haha...
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    Ha. I loved Tony's coma dream. Pretty much every dream sequence they did was great IMO.

    Also, Pine Barrens is the best Bottle(ish) Episode ever.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    @chrisk‌ Damn right, Pine Barrens also has my all time favorite quote from the show: "I'll leave you here you one shoe cocksucker!"
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    @FlashGordon‌ "The Soprano's is in my top 3 after BB & The Wire"

    That's my top three also. Those 3 are imminently re-watchable and amazing shows in their own right.
  • I watched The Sopranos for the first time a couple of years ago and lost interest around the time they did that weird CGI thing with Tony's mother. It's a very good show, but there are at least 8 shows on the air in *2015* that I enjoy more. It was great for its time, but it's aged badly because so many other shows have copied what they pioneered. It's like how the John Carter movie felt like the most cliched movie ever, but it was just sticking to the source material that hundreds of works of fiction had cribbed since then.

    I don't think it holds up nearly as well as The Wire or Breaking Bad. Or even something like 24.
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    @tvisgreat‌ It's funny you should say that as I've just re-watched both. I'd really have to disagree. In The Wire alone (season 1) the music is all 2001 and the fashion is now cringe-worthy. That instantly dates it to a specific time (obviously the show and writing hold up). The Sopranos is more therapy and crime based it seems and you'd have to split hairs (car makes/years and models) to really point out that you're watching something that's 10+ years old.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    @ksa1001‌ I can watch BrBa,The Wire & Soprano's pretty much any episode anytime, they just don't date for me. It's clear when they were filmed but they clean up so well on blue ray/HD and the writing/acting/directing are basically timeless IMO.

    @tvisgreat‌ Hey each to their own man, but The Sopranos is as good as it gets for me .... apart from the coma dream @chrisk‌ :) ha, but totally agree Pine Barrens is the best Bottle episode ever, endlessly quotable.

    Bit of a disclaimer I've got tolerance for low quality film and audio, love old movies and this BBC mini series called 'I Claudius' it's rated 9.1 on imdb as one of the best tv shows ever etc and i'd agree, i love it. HOWEVER it's basically like someone just turned up and filmed a play, so i dont even recommend it to people because it looks like shit.. but is brilliant if you can stomach it.


    it's free on youtube, just incase
  • Just to clarify: Audibly and visually, The Sopranos does hold up great. I'm only talking about the meat of the show. The plot and characters ARE very good, but we've progressed so much since then that you can find many examples of deeper shows, shows with better characters top to bottom, etc.

    I'm not dumping on it. Only saying that I never saw anything that really transcended TV like I was expecting in the first two and a half seasons before I stopped watching.
  • I've never seen the Sopranos, but it totally sucks. What do I care about a drama about a family of opera singers?
  • It was a good show. Was it great? Who knows? That's subjective. If I had to choose between more episodes of the Sopranos or the short-lived Carnivale on HBO, I would choose Carnivale. Loved that show and all its weird, esoteric and depression-era malaise.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @Hollyoak‌ I'm still bitter about Carnivale ending on a cliffhanger. One of my favourite shows.
  • @Dee‌ @Hollyoak‌ Ditto on the Carnivale bitterness. Loved that show, even though the lead preacher guy spooked the living shit out of me. Gave my wife nightmares after every episode.
  • @Dee‌ @Hollyoak‌ Ditto on the Carnivale bitterness. Loved that show, even though the lead preacher guy spooked the living shit out of me. Gave my wife nightmares after every episode.

    Ha! Yes. Brother Justin! Played by the inimitable Clancy Brown. He had a short stint on Sleepy Hollow. The other guy--his nemesis, young dude...what was his name, Ben Hawkins, ended up being missing or something in real life. He showed up again but I think he has had troubles. He was also in one of the Terminator movies.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Nick Stahl. He's (or was) a really talented actor - probably could have been a lot bigger if he wasn't such a real life mess.
  • I loved Season 1, but I actually had thought it was cancelled and season 2 never happened until it was years later (I had lost HBO not long after season 1 ended). I've had rewatching Season 1 and then moving onto Season 2 on my list forever. I've really got to do that. That was such a cool show.

    I've literally seen only about 10 minutes of the Sopranos. I definitely enjoyed those ten minutes (if I remember correctly something funny happened and left me thinking "huh, that show is pretty good like everyone says it is"), but I just never felt terribly motivated to actually dig into it. I'm sure I'll get to it someday, but I can say that Carnivale is higher on my list of priorities.

    I totally agree, it is a shame about Nick Stahl. He is/was (pretty sure he's alive, but I'm not sure that he's acting anymore) really talented. Clancy Brown was amazing too. That was the first time I really noticed him in anything, now all I see is the creepy preacher when he comes on screen. Great, great stuff.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    This was the closest I could find to a Sopranos thread, so I figured other fans of the show might want to see this, It's David Chase breaking down the ending scene by scene. Chase is sticking to usual line, that the ending could have been death or Tony could die in a year etc.

     What I took away was that while leaving it ambiguous he's confirmed the inference towards death and while not definite Tony probably got whacked 
  • Oh the days of rushing home on Sunday nights to catch The Sopranos, Deadwood, and Carnivale. Mad Men is the only appointment tv for me these days. I sure hope True Detective can halfway live up to season1. That could be appointment tv as well. 

    I do love lounging around and binging a good show but there is nothing quite like a long week of anticipation, speculation, and discussion with IRL or online tv fandom friends. 
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    I'd argue that Game of Thrones is approaching (surpassing?) The Sopranos level of appointment television on Sunday nights for HBO.

    That being said, in it's entire run I only missed The Sopranos on Sunday/Live watch twice.
  • steph_bsteph_b Austin
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    GOT was appointment tv for me seasons 1-3. Season 4 was where I started to lose the excitement.
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Wow..really? Surprised. Highlights gallore in season 4
  • I realize I am in the minority.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    I just got really sad scrolling through the article looking at the screens. The Sopranos was truly something special. My biggest regret is not appreciating it more while I was watching the bulk of the episodes.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    @Arctor I know I didn't either, I did the series such an injustice first watch, I was at college and just binged it over a really shitty streaming site back in like 2008, no way to watch it at all.

    I now own the series, but yeh that show needs to be properly watched

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