Senator Keene (spoilers for 103)

So I know everyone thinks the suicide bombing was a false flag, but if so what do you think Keene’s ideal outcome was and how would it not involve him getting injured?

So there are two options here. 1: The suicide bomber was a real 7th Cavalry dude who Keene somehow tipped off and manipulated into setting up this bomb plot. That would explain why the bomb was actually connected to his heart (which creates even more of a risk for Keene) and why he was willing to actually die for this set up. Option 2 is that this guy isn’t actually a member of the 7th Cavalry and it’s all fake. In which case, my question is why would Keene/the fake bomber take the risk of using a real bomb and potentially dying? I guess maybe the actor didn’t actually know the bomb was real? Or if the suicide bomber was real, how was Keene planning on getting out of the situation without getting hurt?


  • Maybe that’s why the guy was using the world’s worst deadman’s switch, on a long timer that lets everyone know to get away from the bomb before it goes off. 
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