Is a Second-Hand PC Still a Good Gift???

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So my mom's boyfriend really loved gaming when he was younger (always on a console) and always plays skyrim on my pc when I come over. I just built a new PC and have that one he played skyrim on laying around. I'm  Mobdro gonna buy a 500gb ssd for it and eventually going to give them my 1050ti when I get a new gpu (probably in a month or two). Other than that, all of the parts are about 3 years old, maybe 4, but I played on it last month and it was po VidMate werful enough to run some VR games. I cleaned out the case, and I'm going to share my full steam library with him. I'm just wondering if this seems cheap to do, as it is second-hand (from me). I just dont have a ton of money to spend cause I'm only 16 and thought they'd love  word counter something to game on.

This might be dumb I'm just worried itll be super disappointing for him to open haha


  • It's hard to comment on without knowing the nature of your relationship with him and what type of person he is.  A used PC is still worth a couple of hundred dollars, that's a generous gift IMO...but to someone who's snobby or materialistic they might be put off by the fact that it's used and/or it's not the latest and greatest model.
  • Any gift is a good gift. If someone is disappointed in your gift then then that’s on them and says more about the way they were raised or the culture they grew up in. My dad was always the type of guy who for Christmas gave me an envelope that said sorry I didn’t have time to get you a gift but I’ll take you to the store to buy something. I was always a bit disappointed but never complained because I felt blessed to just had a roof over my head and full stomach thanks to my dad. 
  • david77 said:

    ... he always plays Skyrim on my PC when I come over...  ...and I have that one he played Skyrim on laying around. 

    I think that covers it right there, you're good to go. You have a free computer that plays the game he likes to play, as well as some upgrades going into it. 
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