Whiterose is Mr Robot’s Night King

You remember Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 The Long Night?

The episode in which the Night King was killed, leaving us 3 episodes to the finale without the great enemy everyone thought will be only defeated at the end of the show?

Well, also here we are left with exactly 3 episodes till Mr Robot's finale, and as was in GOT so is here, fans still think the villain will be back and surprise us all.

Well, she ain't gonna IMO, I believe she's taken off the board, and we need to understand, same as in GOT, that this show is not about the ominous villain, or about fighting the great evil that wants to destroy humanity. The show is not about that. That was the red herring all along.

The show is about the complexity of human beings, about the dark side and the good side in one, and the battle among those sides for ones soul.

I believe that in the next 3 episodes, we are not going to talk about Whiterose, we are going to talk about the things Sam Esmail always hid from us in plain sight, but we were too blinded by the fascination of world domination and a time machine; a machine that was never really existed outside the sick mind of one, soon to be forgotten, Whiterose, and also in some misunderstanding fans minds that thought we are dealing with a sci fi show. What a joke.

In the next 3 episodes we are going to be dealing with the important things, things such as Elliot's third (fourth? Fifth?) personality, about his struggle to somehow exit the Alderson Loop he's stuck in now that he come to terms with himself and his childhood sexual abuse, about what the hell Elliot did last summer that is so devastating, and about Elliot fighting his demons within.

But whatever those things will be, one thing will be clear - that Whiterose is dead, thematically dead, finished, Kaputt, that the last scene of her was putting makeup in front of the mirror while the FBI (I am the FBI!) coming for her, and we the fans need to come to terms with that, and with what this show was all about.

Goodbye, enemy.


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