Messiah on Netflix

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any interest in Messiah on Netflix. I’m up to S1E5 and find it slow to build, moving to predictable. A nice afternoon background watch.


  • Is no one else watching this? Seems like something the boys would be interested in, especially given their backgrounds. I've always liked "what-if" scenarios with a religious bent to them. 

    If someone appeared today in our world who seemingly performed miracles and developed a following as the messiah, what would that be like? Really interesting to me.

    The show seems to be really dividing people along religious lines. Of course. It's much deeper than that, especially if you're coming at it from a non-religious point of view. 

    I really liked it, and found it immensely watchable. 
  • Slow build yes but it raises some poses some surprisingly deep questions to the audience and its reticence to provide easy answers is refreshing...
  • Wow this was a fantastic watch - I think it is the perfect example of why Netflix dropping an entire series all at once prevents it from finding an audience.  I think we should commission @A_Ron_Hubbard and Jim to watch it.  
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