• 13 minutes into episode 6 and this show is starting to frustrate me. 
  • I'm still with it but it's clear the show is going to go deeper into a traditional monster thing which is kind of a bummer. The entity worked so better as a hazy set of terrible things that happened and vague almost lovecraft style notions about what the victims are going through rather than a ghost lady flying around an apartment beating the shit out of a dude. The monster is so much creepier when the only glimpse you have is a recollection of a talk he had with a scared girl, a sketch from a reluctant kid who isn't sure what he saw and a trail of gruesome crime scenes we don't really get a good look at for obvious reasons. I guess it was always going to head in this direction but I wasn't prepared for how fast they dive right into the mechanics of how it operates and force ghosts and whatever the fuck. I almost never wish that shows were more abstract but this kind of show was begging to sacrifice plot in favor of creepy atmosphere and focusing on how characters are reacting to the horror rather than the horror itself.

    It was starting to lose me at the point where Jeannie invited herself to the meeting and was like also lets invite the grieving widow of the primary suspect/victim. Why in the world would you want those people in the room when you're getting the first briefing from an outside consultant and you have absolutely no idea what it's even going to be about?
  • Man I really want to talk about this show but these forums are a fucking massive bummer
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    This is a typical King monster though. Vaguely based on something from folklore, appearing to people in the form of someone they are most afraid of, history fully explained by someone at some point, etc

    Personally, I love it. It is so much better than I’d hoped for after being meh on previous King adaptations. I’m frustrated by how stubborn Ralph is, but I love Jeannie and I want her, Holly, Andy, the Mexican cop and the PI with the moustache to have a series where they drive around in a van solving supernatural crimes. 

    I did think it was a bit odd having Glory at the meeting but I guess because Ralph feels so guilty about her husband it does make some sense he would want to include her in everything. 
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  • I thought 6 was one of the stronger episodes. King’s monsters have a hard time translating into the screen and I think they’re doing a good job with this one. Love how they’re portraying Holly’s character. I recently watched Mr Mercedes and it’s not bad either. Just a subpar Gibney comparatively (They’re portrayed very differently though)
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    It's Stephen King, so we all knew there was going to be something supernatural.  I kinda like the way Holly was trying to explain something completely unbelievable to these cops and affected victims.  I don't mind Ralph the skeptic and Holly the believer. I like that we are seeing this entity infiltrate families and try to take down the whole community.  I am still enjoying the bizarreness of it all.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    gguenot said:
    I thought 6 was one of the stronger episodes. King’s monsters have a hard time translating into the screen and I think they’re doing a good job with this one. Love how they’re portraying Holly’s character. I recently watched Mr Mercedes and it’s not bad either. Just a subpar Gibney comparatively (They’re portrayed very differently though)
    Justine Lupe’s Holly is much closer to King’s Holly, but I prefer Cynthia Erivo’s. Nothing against Lupe personally, but Erivo’s Holly seems to have so much more depth beyond just weird quirks and probably somewhere on the spectrum. 
  • I really wish they hadn’t had the dead mom fly through the air like. Too much like something out of IT 2. Kind of took me out of the episode. 
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    I loved when Andy turned up unannounced and it was sort of awkward for a second but then Holly smiled (is this the first time she’s done that?) and hugged him. I am shipping those two so hard, but I worry that Andy is going to be canon fodder in the inevitable battle against the monster. 

    Jeannie is the best - her telling Ralph to get in or get out of the way was so good. 
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  • I need to eat
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    That was full of cancer. I need more

    Is this a monster or my cat? 
  • The monster is so rude, even with the way he stands and walks around. I like that this demon thing has the attitude of a villain in a Jay and Silent Bob movie.
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    This was such a good episode! I was so anxious for that little boy - and for Claude. I loved that moment with Holly and Yune in the church - they’re the only two true believers and the only two who fully realise how much danger they are all in. 

    (Did the cuco scratch the boy’s grandfather?)
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I think el Cuco did scratch the older gent with the beard at the festival. 
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Took me way too long to realize the cave thing was a flashback, I just thought it was weird everything was so cheap. That seems like it took up a lot of time for what it ended up meaning to the story but whatever. Super curious to see what this final fight is, they kinda just wandered into it.

    The guy who got got at the end, that was mustache cop guy with the whole copper mouth thing right?
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @bizmarkiefader When they had all the rescuers there I said to my daughter that it was weird everyone looked sort of old timey but then it panned back and showed the cars and I was like ohhhhhh. 

    And yes, it was the private detective who was shot. And presumably others. :-(
  • A few episodes back I wondered how they were going to make this a 10 episode series. Episodes like this is the answer. I think there were some small things that made this episode likable, but I was mostly bored and I don't think it added much to the overall series. I will say that I also caught on late to the flashbacks. It didn't dawn on me until they reached the cabin and I thought the lady looked especially old fashioned. 
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    I thought the ending was pretty good, about as well as it could have gone for them considering they just wandered in with no real plan. The whole "we can't shoot in here" thing was a little silly considering their alternative was what, just letting it eat them?

    It also seemed like they could have done what he suggested and have it studied since it was in such a weak state and told the actual story of what was going on with that thing as proof. Maybe it never goes public but it'd be worth at least documenting. I didn't fully catch his reasoning, was it that it was too risky to let it live and they didn't want to deal with trying to convince anyone? It's great that Terry got exonerated but there is a long line of victims of this thing with at least one still in prison that we know of, not to mention if there are any more of them around. Maybe not great to introduce "The El Cuco defense" to every defense attorney out there but since the thing is contained they could at least do the ones they know about with some kind of excuse like they went with Terry.
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    I was surprised by how quickly they just killed it, and it seemed rushed, but I thought about it later and decided I like that - it was more interesting to watch the aftermath than have an hour long battle with a monster.

    One thing bugging me is the thing about Holly being the monster now. So there’s two Hollys walking around (the one with Ralph who didn’t have the scratch and the one in the post credits who did, the real one),  but the show went to great pains to tell us that the monster took a long time and a lot of effort to change from one person to another. So why was it instantaneous with Holly? Am I missing something or is this just a yada yada plot hole? And how did monster-Holly end up being with Ralph? 

    Overall though, I bloody loved this show. It was better than the book, and the best thing I’ve watched since Unbelievable mid last year. Everyone was so good in it too - not a dud among them. 
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Wait... what? There are two Hollys? Did the body with the smashed head regenerate or something? I feel real dumb, I didn't catch that at all.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Does this have something to do with Holly saying "who's Terry?". We were expecting some kind of body switching thing and were looking for it but it felt like it never happened. Even if that was the monster at that point, doesn't it know who Terry is?
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @bizmarkiefader In the post credit scene she had a scratch on her arm, but in the scene where she was saying goodbye to Ralph, there was no scratch. 
  • I saw a scratch - two Hollys??  I'm scared.
  • Clearly the ending was too confusing. I get that they came up with some story to cover for the truth but I wasn't clear on just what that story is. And nobody seems to understand what the significance is - if any - that they showed Holly with a scratch on her arm. We never once saw her anywhere close enough to El Cuco to get a scratch, so I have no idea when that could have happened. 

    I haven't read the book but from what I can gather a lot of this confusion is show-only stuff they added for extra suspense. I'm not sure any of it means anything, other than HBO trying to scare up interest for another season.
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