I Know This Much Is True (Spoilers)

Has anybody else been watching this because it is really good. I think the story has been interesting, but the standout parts of it have been the storytelling and acting. Mark Ruffalo needs some awards for his performance as both brothers and even Rosie O'Donnell should get some acclaim.I really don't see this trip to The Falls ending well, but what do you do? You would thinking having inadequate treatment by his brother would be better than whatever horseshit he was having to deal with in the prison, but I'll guess we see next episode. Sucks that the season is so short, but I'm glad they aren't stretching this out and are just telling the story they want to tell. Anybody else have any thoughts?   


  • fidozfidoz Houston
    It along with Top Chef are the only shows I watch live anymore. Ruffalo has been great. I never look at the brothers and think that is the same person playing both parts. As dark as this has been so far, I think it's gonna get a lot darker.
  • Spandau Ballet bio-series? 
  • Travis said:
    Spandau Ballet bio-series? 
    I'm taking it this is a joke, but I never pieced the song together with the show title. It's set in the 80's so I bet it inspired the title. 
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