Bill & Ted 3

It’s not exactly Shakespeare... it’s not even Spielberg... but this is one of only a handful of new movies I’m especially excited to see.


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    It looks really terrible and Keanu looks and sounds OLD, but I don’t care, I’m still gonna watch it. 
  • @Dee

    ... same.
  • I missed these movies in the 80's - I think the first one came out when I was young enough that my strict parents wouldn't let me watch - and watched them for the first time fairly recently (they were on Amazon Prime for awhile) - I was expecting stupid, and they were, and some of it didn't age well .....but I loved how they were so silly and fun.  And dammmn Keanu was hot (especially in the 2nd one).  Anyways I also am looking forward to this new one. 
    It looks fun and old Keanu and other guy doing those Bill and Ted voices is making me laugh.  
  • It looks pretty underwhelming, as @A_Ron_Hubbard might say HARD PASS
  • Agree with everyone above. Lost all excitement for this with the trailer. 
  • While the trailer doesn't really give me much hope for the movie, I can't wait for it regardless.
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