Got Stick? 2019/20 NHL Talk



  • tom_g said:
    No other sport has anything like it.  So happy for the dude, and he got $500!
    They're also making shirts for him and giving him a cut (the same kind of royalty deal that he'd get if he was an actual player), the rest of the money is going to some kidney foundation because he was the recipient of a kidney transplant when he was younger.
  • Bunch of Jerks.
  • GredalBee said:
    Bunch of Jerks.
    Really missing Don Cherry’s take on this situation.

  • Has there been a team that went all in at the trade deadline, but still miss the playoffs? Looking for some consolation.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Jeff Carter gets TP delivery from a nearby teammate.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Image may contain 1 person text that says Sask Dad dad_sask sask Lady at the Tims drive thru passed me the debit machine on a hockey stick and I told her to keep it down unless she wants to sit for 2 minutes She said keep talkin buddy and these plastic gloves are coming off love this country
  • Bump - Let's Go Pens!
  • tom_g said:
    Bump - Let's Go Pens!
    One of my favorite Wild players, Zucker, plays for the Pens now. While I'm still a Wild fan 1st, the Pens shot up my list real quick. Zucker and his wife have done a ridiculous amount for the community hence the reason he won the King Clancy award last year. Nothing but respect and good fortune to him in his future career, Go Wild, Go Knights, and go Pens.
  • I'm hopeful that the NHL bubble will work.
  • Not sure if I’m rooting for the Blackhawks to win against the Oilers or lose and have a shot at the number 1 overall pick
  • Same - a shot at #1 is appealing. 
  • Carolina came out physical.
  • edited August 2020
    That was a fun qualifier series.  I don't like how the seeded teams are playing patty cake while everyone else is fighting for their lives and getting injured, but that's the format.  Man, the new TSA line looks really good.  Teuvo and Seabass have always had great chemistry, but Svech is turning the line into a game breaker.  We need Hamilton and a second line if we're going to advance any further.
  • Conor mcdavid is sick. Patrick Kane is a ghost right now. I’m not closely watching so maybe there is a good reason for that 
  • Well. Can’t win with just one player. Big goals by role players tonight
  • Pens seem unable to ... everything.
  • When you think you're having a bad day... just remember the Leafs put together a nearly $50 million top line and couldn't register a point in their series finale.
  • #1 draft spot lottery is tonight (10-Aug) - right??
  • tom_g said:
    #1 draft spot lottery is tonight (10-Aug) - right??
    6 PM EST
  • New York Rangers..
  • CBJ goalie about to have 100 saves..what a game
  • Whoever wins this the goalie has to be the betting favourite for Conn Smythe 
  • Hatorian said:
    Whoever wins this the goalie has to be the betting favourite for Conn Smythe 
    What an absolutely insane game. I feel like both teams deserve a week break before they play again lol. 
  • Dundon signing the $25k check with accrued interest for one day is *chef's kiss*.

    Pretty huge road win.  Dougie is back, both goalies are healthy, and there's enough talent to split lines up.  Looking forward to last change and putting the TSA line against Boston's weaker pairings.
  • Man. Corey Crawford with a Monster game. Seemed like only he wanted to keep the series alive. 47/48..
  • Islanders seem hot right now
  • The racist backlash surrounding the NHL is extremely disappointing.  Sure, I would expect this from Boston fans, but the amount of people losing their minds over cancellations is very disheartening.  "Why should Canadian and European players be penalized for a uniquely American racist problem?" They don't get it.  :'(
  • NoelNoel Dallas, TX
    Go Stars!
  • I happy that whoever wins the Cup this year whether it be Dallas, Tampa or - long shot - the Islanders, they've already won a Cup.  There's going to be a giant asterisk connected to this year's winner and it would suck if that was some team's first.
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