What did y'all think of Vivarium?

calebthrowercalebthrower South Carolina
I checked out Vivarium last night and was left disappointed. I was excited for this to be released and was interested in seeing it in theaters but then Covid-19 happened. Saw it was available on Prime and gave it a watch. I think this is a great premise but it just felt simultaneously rushed and dragged out at the same time. This, to me, would have made an incredible short or episode of Twilight Zone. Maybe on rewatches there is more to get but I have no desire to see it again. Thoughts on this movie for those that have seen it?


  • i was also disappointed.

    was engaged enough throughout to keep watching and thought the two leads did well with what they had

    i stuck with it thinking it may have something interesting to say, but, as far as i could tell...it didn't
    (very likely that i'm overlooking something, though)
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    edited August 2020
    I just watched it last night. Easily the most disturbing and uncomfortable film I've seen in a long time. Got through it just fine, but the one thing the antagonist kept doing was enough to drive me insane and make me never want to watch it again. It's always a bad time when you have to lower the volume to get through a scene. Even worse when it happens several times. I did find an interview with the director that helps explain some of the movie. Doesn't necessarily make it any better, but the premise is interesting enough that I thought it was worth a read. https://collider.com/vivarium-explained-lorcan-finnegan/

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