PLAYTHRU: The Walking Dead "Final Season" Bad Guy Clem Edition

Hey peeps! I know a lot of people have asked this over the past year, and we finally got around to playing through the final season of TellTale's The Walking Dead video game. The first episode is free, the rest of the season is for Club/Patreon members only. I will say the audio in the first one is a bit rough because we recorded it early in the coronavirus situation and we didn't have our setup really worked out yet. It's still easy to understand, but it does get better!



  • It was fun watching.

    Couldn't believe the end. Though it was pure Walking Dead.

    And all the denouements. 

  • Guys, thanks so much for doing this.  BM Playthroughs have brought me so many hours of joy over the years.   <3
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