The Haunting of Bly Manor (Spoilers)

We finished this in three sittings and I enjoyed it a lot. I knew going in this was going to be slow and was a little divisive but I thought the bits of ghosts we did get were effective. The characters were interesting and despite the plot being so scattered there weren't really any people I didn't care about or weren't enjoying hearing their story. I also liked how it ended and how they tied everything back around and we got to see a bit of their lives as they moved on from Bly.

There were two things that stood out to me as being clunky:
  1. They pieced together multiple stories for source material and it mostly worked but it did mean that we had at least three different types of ghosts with their own sets of mechanics and origins. Both the dead fiance and the doppleganger guy seemed to just be manifestations of guilt that never interacted with anybody else but the ghosts from the main plot are literally walking around breaking necks. I kept thinking maybe the fiance was going to beat up the lady of the lake or whatever, something about the variety of ghosts felt distracting. They didn't really interact so it was never a huge deal, but it was odd that the main character was already seeing ghosts before even getting to the haunted house and I guess it was totally unrelated.
  2. Around the middle when we got to the housekeepers story and then deeper into the kids being possessed, there was a lot of characters experiencing time non-linearly and constantly waking up or jumping from random scene to random scene. Part of it was the kids blacking out from being possessed, part of it was the house keeper having a pretty serious head injury, but I thought it got old and was begging for someone to know where the fuck they are when they started a conversation after two or three episodes of this.


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    we’re mowing thru this one as fast as we can!
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