Covid Concentration Camps coming to Canada this winter?

CoryCory New Scotland
A woman I went to elementary school with sent me this video today, and pretty sure she believes it.


  • Hoo boy. I really shouldn't have been surprised by the insanity of what people will believe, but this pandemic has really pushed it to an extreme. I'm out of tolerance for people who won't listen to actual science, yet believe every batshit crazy story thrown out there. I know everyone is scared and I am too, but when people fall for this craziness it just makes everything worse. It really pisses me off that so many deaths could have been prevented if we would have acted fast and decisively, put protocols into place for testing and manufacturing safety equipment, and just put in a massive effort to stop this thing in its tracks. But instead, people who take it seriously are vilified, there's no federal response here in the U.S., states are all over the place in their responses, and people are posting crazy shit they believe on social media. I'm feeling super frustrated with humanity these days.
  • And had we had a better response under a president of a different party, the people responsible for this inaction would be screaming about how terrible the president did allowing 20K people to die.
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