National Guard Question

Hello Bald Movers - I am curious if anyone has had experience in the united states national guard, as far as using it as a way to help pay for school and how it impacted life?

My daughter is thinking of joining as a way to help her pay for college and build some experience.  I would appreciate it if anyone has any input on this that they can share.  She has talked to a recruiter and we have done some basic web research and it seems like it might be a good path but also a lot of commitment and some uncertainty in how it all works.    I am not that familiar with the national guard and would like to hear from people who are not the recruiter for more rounded opinions if possible.  Thought that this might be a place to reach out.  Thank you for any information you can provide!


  • I had an overall good experience. Joined at 19. Needed some structure & discipline. It was provided. The money helped but it isn't enough, of course. Good life experience, a bit of travel. Key decision (IMO) is the job she choses. You can go the route that provides direct career training (ex. medical, mechanic, etc.) or perhaps something more administrative (supply, even some office work). It's not easy to change jobs (MOS or whatever they call it now) in the Guard. Or at least it wasn't. If I were to do it again, I'd probably gone more admin. It'd have been a bit more tolerable. Guard units seem to often consist of folks who've been around & then the one enlistment & done. Moving up was hard as there's limited positions. Unlike permanent party, a transfer for rank & experience isn't really an option given the nature of Guard units being fixed. 
    Anyway. I'd do it again. I encourage anyone to have that experience when they're young. 
  • Thank you that is helpful - my daughter seems pretty interested and maybe it would give her some more direction and confidence.  I also think some time of service to country is not a bad thing for any young person.  I want her to find out all she can about it first though for sure!
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