Fast 9 (spoilers)

Went and saw this last night and thought it was a lot of fun. Lots of ridiculous over the top set pieces that the series is notorious for and actually had quite a few sentimental points as well with those familiar with the franchise as a whole. The flashback scenes weren't the greatest but it worked. Plus it was awesome having a blink and you'll miss is version of young Jesse and Vince. 


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    I just don't know about this one. The crazy set pieces are legitimately great, but when you have moments like Han coming back because "Mr. Nobody has a way of making things look real," I can't help but feel lke the movie is mocking me for wanting some level of coherence in the story. Also dismayed at a future where Paul Walker and The Rock being gone might mean that every single movie is about Dom. 

    I guess I had enough fun with this one, but with a movie ticket being like $20 now, I can't see myself shelling out for any more in the franchise. I'm sure the folks making these will be drying their tears with fat stacks of cash. 
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    I loved it, probably my favorite since they turned into elaborate heist movies instead of racing movies. The Han thing was dumb but the logistics of the retcon I don't think really matter other than how funny it is that one scene from the movie nobody but me cares about has been recontextualized like 3 times now. They fucked up making Shaw a good guy in 8 so I'll buy whatever they need to sell me to right that wrong.

    3 > 1 > 9 > 5 > 7 > 6 > 2 > 4 > 8

  • @bizmarkiefader I see Tokyo Drift as the best actual Fast and Furious movie as well. I have a real tough time putting them in an order but I know 3 and 7 are probably the top 2. The drive off at the end of 7 had a theater full of people that typically don't cry at movies in tears. 
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    @awookiee that might have been the best single moment in the series. It's wild that a series like this can have genuine emotion occasionally and obviously there's circumstances outside the movies themselves that made it, but I thought they handled it perfectly. I even had a little tear when the skyline pulled up at the end of 9.

    3 gets a lot of shit cause it doesn't have Vin Diesel or Walker in it but it came out the day I graduated high school when I was at the peak of my modding out 90's sports cars and going to drift events and doing all that dumb shit so it felt like a movie made specifically for me and my friends. It even opens on a damn DJ Shadow song I had in heavy rotation on my ipod at the time. It's genuinely one of my favorite movies and I have so many memories attached to it, it just brings me back to a certain place in my life.

    After 4 came out and then in 5 they actually skipped a race sequence to get back to a discussion on how to open a safe I kinda turned on the series and it took me until the Giant Bomb film and 40's series to appreciate the movies for what they are now. It was obviously the right move for them given how huge these movies are, but for someone who was into it because of the street racing and has been saying "overnight parts from Japan" to my dumb friends for 20 years now it was a bummer they moved away from it.
  • @bizmarkiefader that's awesome and quite ironic, I graduated in 2006 as well. I've always been into cars, more muscle than anything but I have respect for everything. My dad had a 70 Chevelle I'd cruise around in with a few buddies that had more tuner style cars and it was always a good time getting together and doing dumb shit. 

    I definitely got choked up with the Skyline at the end as well. Those early movies were a big part of my teenage years and singlehandedly blew up the tuner market. I would have been into cars regardless because of my dad but the movies certainly expanded my appreciation. 
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    Just learned my brother is willing his 70 Chevelle to me. Guess I better watch these movies  ;)
    PS it's my niece in the car so hiding her "say no to social media" face

  • So I'm behind the game on the podcasts and am just now listening to the podcast on Fast 9. They called out the height fuckery going on with this but in reality Vin Diesel is 6'0" John Cena is 6'1" and Michael Rooker is 5'10" just found it kind of funny they called these things out but I do give them credit because it definitely looked like some camera angle fuckery was going on to skew the heights of people. 
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