Batman v Superman latest trailer

A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
Looks like a hot mess to me, but I'll go see it.  I feel like they're trying to move closer to the Marvel way of not being so serious about everything, but that's going to be some four wheeling over broken ground to get there.


  • I didnt really care for Man of Steel. I also dont go to the movies almost ever so I guess Ill be waiting for this one.

    Who is the big beast suppose to be? I know there is suppose to be like 4 or 5 comic characters in this one
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    It looks to me like they're fusing Zod and Solomon Grundy together.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    Zach Snyder just doesn't make good movies, I don't know how he keeps getting work/gets to be the head of the DCU on film. Batman is my favorite superhero, Ben Affleck would be a bad ass Batman but this trailer is meh as fuck. How has each consecutive trailer for this movie been worse than the last? This did not hype me like the Civil War trailer.
  • Yeah...they're going a Little into corny territory for me, but I'll be there.
  • Pretty sure that's supposed to be Doomsday.
  • @MrX I Binged Doomsday pics and I think your right.

    So Batman,Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Seems like too much but I guess we'll see
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    What a mess of a trailer. I was really trying to stay optimistic, even though the only movie by Snyder that I've liked has been Watchmen. But this made me seriously concerned for the movie. I will see it, because if nothing else it will have great visuals...and Batman and Superman!!! But really it seems like a complete wreck of a movie.
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    I didn't get the hot mess than everyone else got. I'm ok with the tone of it. You have two brooding leads with Ben and Henry and I think it will be good to have a light Luther to change things up a bit. Only thing I am worried about is there seems to be some major dream sequence in this film. Bit worried about that. I'm a comic book fan so no allegiance. I just hope this is better than AOU cuz that sucked ass. Although I might be more excited for Deadpool in Feb than this.
  • Agree with Hatorian. I'm not in either camp but I enjoy both heroes and have been looking forward to this.

    That scene where Supes takes Batman's mask off has to be a dream.

    But, as a casual fan, I thought it looks pretty cool.
  • I've kind of lost the thread on super hero films recently. I was a big fan of the first two Nolan Batmans, but not so much the third film or Man of Steel, as I felt like they were trying unnecessarily make Superman dark to fit the tone of the Nolan Batmans. Still, I'll probably check this out even though I don't really like much of what Zack Snyder does and I've got superhero fatigue as I think hot messes can be fun to talk about. Plus, if I go in expecting a hot mess, I might come away pleasantly surprised.

    Sidenote: I haven't looked into it much, but is this film connected in any way to the unproduced script by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en)? I've heard that script was fantastic, but that it had been shelved.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    I wish I had not watched it. Trailers are just too spoiler filled now adays. No offense to the Bald Move guys because review rather than hype is more their forte, but the rise of youtube and Internet shows had really ruined nerd pop culture for me.

    I loved Man of Steel because I didn't read shit about it and watched it like a year after release on Blu-ray.

    I feel like so many people ruin movies for themselves by reading every single thing and watching evey trailer.

    I might not like every JJ Abrams film but at least I never know exactly what will happen because he and probably Christopher Nolan are the only Directors out there right now not afraid to have the movie be a mystery going into it.
  • @Luke great point. So happy that the Luke Skywalker stuff is secret and I have no idea about the plot of star wars. less than 2 weeks to go!
  • DaveyMacDaveyMac Tokyo
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    @Luke I tend to agree with you. Ive actually managed to avoid the all but the first of the new Star Wars trailers. I like teasers, but if it's something I'm really excited about I'll stop with the teaser. Unless it's something I'm not all that keen on. Then I don't mind trailers as much.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    At least this film has had JJ Abrams at the helm. He detests spoiling a mystery. So I have no doubt anything we have seen in the trailers is most likely out of context. IMO the Luke stuff is all a misdirection to troll people like Screen Junkies and other such shows that disect trailers. They will be really salty when Luke isn't indeed evil. He is on all the international promotional material, his absence from the US stuff was done knowing the fan boys would go ape shit about theorys.
  • Uh...I just don't know about this movie. I can see why people think it looks like it'll be good, and I can see why people think it looks a mess (I lean more toward the latter). And I agree the trailer gave much too much away.

    The reveal of Doomsday was supposed to be cool, but it was a major signal to me that this movie won't be all that great, at least thematically. I was kind of hoping for a movie that would put its two protagonists up against each ideologically, and have them battle it out that way as well as physically. I think the movie would be more complex and ultimately better if the main focus was the audience having to weigh batman's perspective against superman's. Because they are both right and they are both wrong in many ways, and it would be an interesting film discussion/debate to have. When compared to the civil war trailer that also recently dropped, you can see a big difference. While there are a lot of action scenes in the civil war trailer, the main focus of it was this ideaological debate between captain america and iron man, and that gives me a lot more confidence in the film as a whole, not just as a smash-um-up action film (not that they can't be fun in their own right).

    And the batman v superman ideological debate could still happen, I suppose, but that conversation is muted now that we know that batman and superman ultimately team up to fight Doomsday. Plus the addition of another character in an already packed movie sounds another alarm bell for me. There are very few movies that can pull off being so crowded. And this movie has to pull that off, has to convince me of Jessie Einsberg as Lex Luthor, and satisfy me in their protrayal of Wonder Woman, and has to give me a satisfying resolution to the batman v superman ideological debate (even if that resolution is they agree to disagree).

    That's a lot of stuff to put on a director I don't have much faith in, and whose movies usually just end up giving me a migraine.

    I guess time will tell.
  • This trailer wiped out any enthusiasm I had for this movie in one fell swoop. From the awful Jesse Eisenberg performance to spoiling the actual villain of the movie. The latter just let me know they really had nothing else to show us.

    Also why not cross over with the TV shows like marvel does? The Flash has had more emotion and humanity than any of these DC movies will
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I just don't think Zack Snyder "gets" Superman.  He just wants to make big bad ass boom boom action.  And I adore his take on Watchman.  Getting the chemistry just right between the big blue boyscout and the dark knight is tricky.  They're relationship has always struck me as kind of like Adam and Jamie from mythbusters.  They don't like each other, but work well together and trust each other with their lives.  

    His take on Superman was a failure in my opinion, and while I think he could do a halfway decent Batman, I just... and Eisenberg.  Shit, I didn't even know he was supposed to be Lex Luthor.  That's how bad that was. 
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