Godfather Part III podcast

Thanks for taking the time to honestly assess this much maligned Coppola offering.  I remember being disappointed in it on first viewing, but not having anywhere near the visceral hatred critics and public alike heaped on what is really not a bad film at all.  You guys really gave an honest appraisal of the strengths and flaws overall.  Like you, I appreciated all the scenes in Sicily and the actual chemistry between Michael and Kay, although it was a shame Robert Duvall and Winona Ryder both didn't participate, but as you pointed out, Sofia Coppola did a decent job considering the circumstances (funny out it comes full circle, as I believe she was the baby used in the baptism scene in the first Godfather).  The character of Vincent was a cool one, presumably "conceived" during the wedding in the first Godfather when Sonny was having his dalliance, perhaps?  He was described by Andy Garcia as having the traits of all the Corleones:  Michael's calculation, Sonny's temper/libido, and Fredo's warmth.  
Looking forward to more movie podcasts--Jim, during the course of this one, mentioned a film I have tremendous affection for: Lost in Translation.......


  •   Yes, G III is the best of the saga.  The fantastic scenes in Italy and of the Church, are breath taking.  I agree that the plot of the transfer of money into the church and buying Imobilary, are confusing.  But to this day I still am unsure why Herman wants to kill Michael in G 2.  But with the artistic shots in Vegas, Sicily, the Opera, the Church and the fantastic acting, the story, this film ranks as the best of the series.
  • @kojiattwood your right about the parents being Sonny and the girl he was having sex with at the wedding (Lucy Mancini), in the Puzo books she has a much bigger role and is looked after by the family once Sonny is killed but Sonny never gets her pregnant in the books. 
  • Thanks for the clarification davemcb, will have to revisit the books.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Thanks, I appreciate it. I think me and Jim were as surprised as anything that we liked it, all you here is how it's this travesty, and people get worked up about it the way I do about the SW prequels. But, I'm glad the weird path of Godfather Fandom I personally took allowed me to see it with proper expectations, because it's a nice film that a lot of people don't give a fair shake too. It was a really fun experience, seeing it for the first time on a chill winter day.
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