Episode 1002 - "Founders Mutation"

Written and directed by James Wong


  • so happy they got Wong to come back. def a weird episode so far

    Abigail from Hannibal showed up and Lucas from Continuum

  • man that was pretty brutal. I didn't think we would get stuff like tonight. great stuff

  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Those were some crazy mutations. That one stone covered kid could have been an xman.
  • Louballs77Louballs77 Coral Springs, FL
    the kid that looked like a melted puddle...I think he was attempting to eat something?  I had to rewind and force my girlfriend to view that part hah
  • Louballs77Louballs77 Coral Springs, FL
    Seems like the big mystery will sort of revolve around Mulder and Skully's son, much like the early X-Files was sort of all about Mulder's sister being abducted.  I just hope we get actual answers to these questions before the season is over.
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    I thought the second episode was much better than the first. Chris Carter is to the X-Files what George Lucas is to Star Wars now. Created a beautiful thing, but needs to let others tend to it (as someone already posted).
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    I know I said I would watch the whole thing but I just can't. Noping out 15 minutes into episode 2--this is really terrible stuff and it makes me sad that this is the best they can do.
  • Frakkin T said:

    I know I said I would watch the whole thing but I just can't. Noping out 15 minutes into episode 2--this is really terrible stuff and it makes me sad that this is the best they can do.

    Keep in mind that the next two episodes are written and directed by the best writers of the X-Files: Darin and Glen Morgan. I wouldn't nope out just yet, Stay strong. 
  • That was much better than the first one. Though I have to say that some of the ford product placement scenes were quite jarring. The preview has me very, very excited for Darin Morgan's episode.

    I also wonder how much of the original William story they will keep. Because that was just about peak convoluted x files. For those who don't remember, there was a prophecy that if William was alive and Mulder dead, William would lead the colonists to victory. But if Mulder was alive and William was alive, William would lead the resistance to the aliens. Which is why he is put up for adoption and Mulder went into hiding. I wonder how much of that will be ignored (because it makes no sense that the global conspiracy to colonize earth would be thrown off because they couldn't crack the secret adoption).
  • Frakkin T said:

    I know I said I would watch the whole thing but I just can't. Noping out 15 minutes into episode 2--this is really terrible stuff and it makes me sad that this is the best they can do.

    I'm pretty much with you, man. I made it though the episode and I'm inclined to give them one more chance (though it's not guaranteed), but this is really, really bad. I mean Mulder is just sleepwalking through these episodes and the dialog... Oh man. I was braced for it not being good from the reviews but I was not prepared these two episodes. I mean even if it was bad I was prepared to take it as "it'll just be fun to watch Duchovny and Anderson be Mulder and Scully again" but we're not even getting that. Particularly Duchovny but both of them really just look bored. I'm not even having fun with it and I thought that wasn't possible,
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    Even if you give up on the first 2, keep in mind that the next one is Darin Morgan's episode, which is not only a MOTW, but early reviews are already calling one of the best episodes of TV in recent times.

    Edit: ratings remained strong for this one. 3.2 rating, 9.7 million people watched.
  • Yeah, that is why I'm inclined to stick around for one more. I would like to try one that has nothing to do with the over-arc before calling it quits. Those were two super tough watches though, and I really, really wanted to like them (also, I'll be listening to the podcast either way so I'll be clued in if things turn around).
  • FernNYC17FernNYC17 New York, NY
    This episode wasn't great but it wasn't bad either IMO. Felt like it had more heart than the first episode.
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
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    Thought the first one was awful, and this one was back to good old X-Files. Good story, a few jokes, and some genuinely disturbing moments. Can't explain this fully, but even a big improvement in how it was shot. Looked more like X-Files. Thought the performances were actually a little flipped on this one. Duchovny seemed much more natural, and Anderson seemed to be whispering and even hoarse.

    I'm a little confused about the William "flashbacks." I read that they gave him up for adoption and I vaguely remember that even though I wasn't watching regularly by that point, and apparently he was a baby. So I guess these were just imaginings? I think you could come away with the impression that the adoption was fairly recent. 
  • @chrisk i think those were just fantasy moments on the good parts of having him around and then adding their biggest fears(alien kid and abduction)
  • I didn't hate it, but it wasn't all that good either. I will say, though, that I found the swimming pool scene to be very creepy.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    Retro credits, cool.

    Retro scripts, not cool. 
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    That swimming pool scene was the best part of the episode.  Looked great, great tone, creepy, X-Files at it's best.  
  • Just heard the podcast. First, thanks for the shout out. Second, the product placement scene that I found particularly jarring was the one where Scully was messing around with the rear view camera and so on in the car's dashboard. Especially since at the time the car was moving forward and the kid they were trying to show as being close was just about eye level with the rear view camera. It made me do a double take, until I realize that it was basically an excuse to showcase the ford's features.
  • Not going to lie, kinda want to buy a Ford now.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I mean, they're Built Tough.
  • I've watched a lot of the original X-Files, but it was never must-watch TV for me, and I thought a lot of it was confusing. But mostly entertaining. I've seen the X-Files movies, but didn't think they were great and hardly remember them.

    Still, I looked forward to this series, with no expectations, and kinda relieved that it was only six episodes.

    I think it's fine. Feels like old X-Files to me, not terribly confusing in this run, but confusing if you try to remember how well it ties into the X-Files canon. I don't remember the details that well, but I found the first two episodes entertaining.
  • The X-Files is in my top 3 shows of all time,

    Both episodes I would rate 7/10 so far though.Good,but not great.

    Looking forward to ep 3.Even Sepenwall admitted that it was better than the first two.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    So far it seems to be regurgitating old tropes. Look, an an alien vehicle replica. Wow. Ooops, it’s destroyed by black ops types and everyone is killed by the end of the show. Quelle surprise. 

    There’s very little indication of the advances in technology, especially the “internet of things” which would be right up Mulder’s alley. Imagine being spied on by your toaster or refrigerator, and it *not* being a paranoid delusion? 

    So Mulder’s big revelation is that all those years they were hunting aliens, they weren’t really aliens, but mystery organizations using technology they got from aliens? Well, that’s more plausible, isn’t it?

  • DeeDee Adelaide
    That one wasn't as laughably terrible as the first one, but I found it pretty boring. I was ready to bail with @Frakkin T but then I saw the preview for next week, which looks more like the MOTW episodes I enjoyed back in the day, so I GUESS I will stick it out a bit longer.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    This is a link to Terry’ Gross’ Fresh Air interview with a author on her book about Area 51. It all seemed fairly normal, until, at the end of the interview, “revelations” about the German Horten brothers making some kind of flying disk, the USSR using them to spy on the US, and how it was actually one of these Soviet discs, manned by a child-sized crew, that crashed in Roswell. in 1947.

    When the book came out in 2011, it created quite a stir.

    It’s a great story, but most likely entirely made up by the author. But just perfect for the X-Files.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    DaveyMac said:

    I didn't hate it, but it wasn't all that good either. I will say, though, that I found the swimming pool scene to be very creepy.

    I am hard to creep-out. But that was a fantastic moment. It really made my skin crawl. The production value of these episodes have been awesome.
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