Stanley Kubrick

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Listened to the commissioned podcast today on "The Shining," and it reminded me of a Jon Ronson article from a few years ago called "Stanley Kubrick's Boxes." After Kubrick died, his estate allowed Ronson to go through the hundreds of boxes that housed the exhaustive research and preparation the director did for each of his movies. 

It dovetails nicely with some of the stuff Jim and A.Ron talked about. 


BBC Documentary Ronson made about it.

It's a pretty amazing portrait of Kubrick as a perfectionist and mad genius, who was a lovely guy generally, but was willing to suffer (and make others suffer) for his art. 

One of my favorite parts in the story is this box Ronson comes across that just says "hooker doorways." Inside it was photographs and notes for "nearly every doorway in London."  Kubrick had his nephew take photos of the doors and get measurements of the streets to see if any of them could be used as a hooker's home in "Eyes Wide Shut." 
It's similar to some of the preparations Jim and A.Ron were talking about for "The Shining."

As to that, here is a passage from the story: (The Napoleon mention is because Kubrick was working on a movie about him when he died. There were hundreds of books, biographies and research material on Napoleon all over Kubrick's home at the time of his death.) 

"Ok," I say. "I understand how you might do this for Napoleon, but what about, say, the Shining?"

"Somewhere here," says Tony (Kubrick's assistant), "is just about every ghost book ever written, and there'll be a box containing photographs of the exteriors of maybe every mountain hotel in the world."

Is there a director who was more meticulous and deliberate than Kubrick? 


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