• One of my fav shows in the last five years.
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    Sounds really interesting....
  • My favorites: S1 - E1: The National Anthem, E3: The Entire History of You (the best one imo); S2 - E1: Be Right Back (my second fav, shades of "Her"). If you haven't seen this show, just check it out. Each one is very different and self-contained. So you don't have to watch in any particular order.
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    I just watched the first episode and I'm not sure if I liked it or not. The "it was all a piece of performance art" idea is too cute by half and made me wonder if they couldn't have made the same point with real terrorists instead of a dude in white overalls.

    It did have me on the edge of my seat, though, and I really liked the scene where the lady basically threatened his family if he didn't go through with it.

  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I enjoyed them. Kinda disturbing, self contained, Twilight Zone for the digital age show. Well done and acted as well. Thanks for the tip. Keep watching they are all very different.
  • I only heard of Black Mirror a few weeks ago and I watched the first season. The first episode felt a little too silly due to the subject matter, even though it made a lot of interesting points about the internet's affect on society. Episode 2 says more about human nature than it does the techno-distopia that the characters live in and I thought it was good, though I was disappointed in Bing for his choices at the end.

    Episode 3 of season 1 is where the show hits its stride, imo. Anyone who has thought about it kinda knows where technology like that inevitably leads and the episode definitely follows that thread but the acting is spot on and the story unfolds in a really believable way. For people who have never considered the possibilities of perfect memory, it does a great job of showing the benefits and the pitfalls.

    I'm going to watch season 2 for sure (when I get to it) and then check out John Hamm in the holiday special.
  • Black Mirror really stuck with me and I still think about it on a regular basis.
    Season 2 is better than the first one imo. Man I'd like to be in your place and see that for the 1st time again.
  • I just watched the first series and loved it - especially that third episode. I also just watched the Christmas special, which actually might be my favorite so far. I'll watch the second series this weekend.
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    What did everyone think of the episode, White Bear? It seems to be really polarizing among people who have seen the series. Many hated it and thought that it came off as semi-torture porn with a twist that didn't justify having to watch a weak character for an hour. Others think that it was brilliant and was a commentary on mental health, institutional punishment, and sadism.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    White Bear was the only episode I liked, though I think it was just because of the shock twist and the fact that I had no idea where the story was going. I didn't think it was a brilliant commentary on anything (I think Charlie Brooker is a smug, superficial git, so I'm biased). It was clever the way a crime novel with a twist is clever, but not much more than that.
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