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Below are HEAVY SPOILERS from the "All Out War" Arc in the Comics, which (if paced right) should take up all of Season 7. This is for everyone who wants to quit the show, but also wants to know what happens next. I'd love to take about potential remixes for the show based on the comic.


Since the finale, I’ve been marathoning the Negan arc in the comics. Here are the key plot points for everyone who wants to give up the show now:

·        Rick appears to submit to Negan, but has ulterior motives. Carl attacks the Saviours by himself and Rambos it up, but is thwarted. Negan gets respect for the kid.

·        Ezekiel is introduced by Jesus, along with Shiva the tiger, and he has a romantic relationship with Michonne.

·        Rick, Jesus and Ezekiel form an alliance. Dwight, revealing that he lost his wife to Negan, vows to help Rick.

·        Spencer tries to betray Rick but is killed by Negan. Rick, despite Spencer being a shitbag, tries to take revenge, and is almost killed, but is saved by Carl manning up and taking some control and the Jesus/Ezekiel alliance.

·        Rick attacks with his allies, unleashing walkers on Negan. Holly, Abraham’s girlfriend, goes after Negan in revenge for Abe’s death but is captured. Eric dies, Shiva dies, Ezekiel runs away, but Rick wins. Negan flees with Holly, mistaking her for Andrea (as a way to get to Rick). Aaron steels himself. Michonne gives Zeke a pep-talk.

·        The Negan Strikes Back – Back at Alexandria, Negan gives Rick back a zombified Holly surprise, who attacks Denise. Heath loses a leg in a grenade explosion, and Denise, despite the bite, operates on him and sacrifices herself. It’s SO badass! Everything in Alexandria catches fire, and Carl gets caught in the perimeter of an explosion. (Yep, in danger again.)

·        Negan says stuff like “My dick is so hard right now I could crack steel. I should Wrap it in barbed wire and call it Lucille Two”

·        After Glenn’s death, Maggie rallies the Hilltop to help Rick and comes in to save the day. She straight up walks out of an explosion towards Rick whilst Denise is treating Carl’s burns. Rick passes out when he hears Maggie is in control of Hilltop.

·        Negan retreats, only to arrive at Eugene’s workshop and take him hostage.Negan uses his “crystal balls” to see the future. We are not getting this character in the show. Eugene stands his ground.

·        Jesus ... is gay. He reads to a guy named Alex on a bed together. This will be controversial, if used.

·        At Hilltop, Rick talks to the blacksmith about putting a weapon on his stump. The Alexandrians and Kingdomians move to the Hilltop to regroup.



  • NathanNathan Winterfell, The North, Westeros
    edited April 2016


    ·        Negan attacks the Hilltop. The Saviours coat their weapons in walker-bits - “space aged zombie bacteria weapons at our disposal”. Negan forces Dwight to shoot Rick with his crossbow. It gets super fucking dark. Negan and the Saviours rush after Rick, but walk straight into an ambush by Michonne, Zeke, and Andrea. Negan retreats again.
    ·        Eugene is helped by Dwight’s friend Carson/Milton 2.0. They crash the escape truck and Eugene mans up and takes control, killing his first person.
    ·        Negan regroups outside Hilltop and tells Dwight he wants to piss on Rick’s dead body – (pee pee city)
    ·        Nicolas dies from an infected Saviour wound. Eugene arrives at Hilltop with ammunition and supplies.
    ·        Negan shows up again, and Rick proposes a truce. Negan pretends to go along with it, but Rick slashes him with a knife anyway. Negan breaks Rick’s leg, but, after a short fight, Dwight tells the Saviours to stop fighting as Negan gets imprisoned. Andrea, Carl and Maggie all want to kill Negan, but Rick says they won’t.
    ·        Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom and Sanctuary are united. Negan is locked up. End of the War.

  • brewseveltbrewsevelt Boston, MA
    1. I really need to reread that arc, so much good stuff in there that I have long forgotten.

    2. Do you think that AOW will be both parts of S7 or bleed into/encompass S8 as well? I imagine just all of S7.

    3. Thanks for putting this together.
  • NathanNathan Winterfell, The North, Westeros
    If they do it right, it should just be season 7.

    HOWEVER, past experience with the show tells us that they might drag it out into season 8, which sucks.

    I really hope the showrunners start a) listening to the fans and b) thinking before they act.

    Cheers for the thanks :)
  • AshleyAshley Atlanta, GA

    This was Andrew Lincoln's answer as far as All Out War is concerned, so I feel like they're going to drag this out, maybe not even start AOW until 7B.

    As the series heads into "All Out War," will this galvanize him or will it be harder for him to come out of it?

    That's further down the road. It's a double-edged sword that we have with our show. We have this rich source material that we mine and a landscape of incredible characters we have with a smart and opinionated audience. Imagine watching the show without knowledge of the comic book: It would be a completely different experience. If you jump too far ahead, the thrilling bits may be further away from these immediate episodes and you may miss out on some choice character work or story arcs that don't actually come from the comic. But that being said, I'm excited about the bigger world we're entering. It does feel like this is a watershed moment in the show and the show has gotten a lot bigger.
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    If they do it as one season it should be an incredible 16 episodes my feeling is it will be right as the group is pushing for Negan to be killed it will fade to black before Rick can announce his decision leaving us all in suspense again
  • Yeah, I can totally see them doing another cliffhanger right before the arc ends. I can also see them stretching it out into a whole season and a half like they did with the prison arc. Hell, they even managed to stretch Hershel's farm out for a whole season. What was that like one or two issues at the most before they found the prison?

    One thing I am super excited to see is how the show fleshes out the goings on at the Sanctuary. I'm really looking forward to all the sick stuff with Negan's wives and watching him use that hot iron on Dwight's and others' faces.

  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    Nathan said:

    If they do it right, it should just be season 7.

    HOWEVER, past experience with the show tells us that they might drag it out into season 8, which sucks.

    I really hope the showrunners start a) listening to the fans and b) thinking before they act.

    Cheers for the thanks :)
    Thats how i feel. To me the pacing would work out nicely to have season 7A the march to war and 7B all out war but the way they drag stuff out I'm worried all of season 7 will be the march to war and all of season 8 will be all out war.
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