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I know we're all big fans of quality TV here, for me intelligent current affairs shows are equally important as any golden age TV.

Colbert and Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight called it quits last year- he's a British serious version of Stewart, these guys are the best! I'm pretty devastated the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is over

Personally it's comparable to a big show like Breaking Bad coming to an end.. I know politics are controversial topic on here & i guess i display mine with this, but it is what it is.

Links to Stewart & Paxman's best bits


  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I absolutely love Jon Stewart. He's been a staple of my day for almost 8 years (since I started being an at home mom - back when I had an office job I didn't have time for extra news shows :smiley: )

    I DVR him and watch at 5:45am while makin sure my oldest gets ready for school and doesn't fall back to sleep. The way he discusses politics makes it easier for people to get - and his humor gets those interested in "the news" who may not be otherwise interested (my husband LOL! He watches him first run at night)

    He will be missed, big time. The talk of replacements doesn't interest me - nobody can replace him.
  • It's funny. He's been such a staple I almost forgot that he wasn't doing it from the beginning. I totally forgot it was once Craig Kilborne's show way back when until they brought it up when the local news show that I watch brought it up during the story. Tripped me out.

    I seem to watch TDS for a couple of months, then take a couple of months off and eventually come back, but I've always loved that it's there when I want it. Colbert too. It's going to be so weird not having either of them. How is the new Colbert-less Colbert?

    @TaraC73 I agree (about replacements). I'll definitely check it out once he's gone to see but I just can't picture it. Hopefully, they sort of reinvent the show vibe-wise. I hope they don't just have someone sit there and in essence try to do a Jon Stewart impression every night.
  • Count me in as a lover of TDS and Jon Stewart! He'll be sorely missed, no doubt. :(
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I don't find the guy that took over for Colbert very entertaining. I was never a Colbert fan though - I dvr'd and watched depending on guest. I WISH John Oliver didn't get his own show on HBO. I could get behind him takingnotes TDS. How am I going to get through 2016 Presidential campaign now???
  • @TaraC73 Yeh i feel like John Oliver is a natural heir to JS. I didn't love Colbert that much, but it was a good show and it fit the theme of good satirical hosts calling it a day
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I am very curious whether Colbert will be himself when he takes over for Letterman (DONT get me started on him retiring - it's way too depressing) or if he is going to play his Colbert report persona.
  • One of the highlights of my life was being at the 'rally to restore sanity and/or fear' - Gonna miss The Daily Show - it has been a part of my morning routine since it started appearing on demand.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    No more Colbert no more Stewart :( I guess we should have it seen it coming with the release of "Last Week Tonight" and "The Nightly Show" which are both great. :)
  • Yes, it is bad enough that we lost Colbert, now we're losing John Stewart ... what are we going to do???
    I haven't watched the guy who took over for Colbert, so I can't say if he's good or not. Colbert left some really big shoes to fill.
    I thought John Oliver did a really great job when he filled in for John Stewart. John also has some really big shoes to fill, I can't imagine anybody buy John Oliver taking over. I keep hoping he'll leave HBO and come back to Comedy Central.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
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    I think whoever takes over will never fill John Stewart's shoes , It took JS years to really find his groove & turn the Daily Show into what it is today.
    A new host will have to make it their own, in their own style and I'd guess it might take some time for whoever replaces him to get there, John Oliver is probably the best candidate but like you @April_May_June say, I doubt he'll leave HBO either, overall it's just depressing.
    Over the years i've read a load or articles in the British press complaining about how we don't have a daily show equivalent & how good it was, i never really minded because I still actually had the the Daily Show.

    In truth i'd rather see Andrew Lincoln leave the walking dead than Stewart leave the daily show
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    It's rough. However, I am really digging Larry Witmore's Nightly News show. It's like a more balanced, less circle jerky Real Time with Bill Maher.
  • I don't even understand why he's leaving. And yes, depressing is the perfect word to describe this situation.
    And to make matters worse, I just read that HBO has renewed John Oliver's show for not one, but two seasons. Those bastards.
  • Here's my list of people who can't replace him with the same style of humor, but would be an interesting host:

    -Colin Quinn
    -Hannibal Buress
    -Eddie Izzard
    -Mo Rocca

    An unbiased, pre-staunch republican Dennis Miller would have been perfect. In my eyes.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I think Jon is getting tired and worn down, and he's not excited for Jeb Bush v Hillary Clinton 2016. I read a take the other day that said his movie projects this year that he put a lot of heart and soul into flopping really took it out of him. It's hard to put off your family so much, let alone when what you're putting them off for is becoming a rut and/or failing. He's only human.
  • You know what always made me shake my head and smirk? When those shows like Meet the Press or Face the Nation or any "Professional News" show ended their broadcast with a clip of Jon Stewart. They'd usually show a clip of Stewart pointing out something incredibly ridiculous, sometimes making fun of the big news networks. Or him pointing out something very astute and relevant.

    Basically, it was like, "Yeah, you're laughing now ,George Stephanopolous or Andrea Mitchell or Joe Scarborough, but he's doing what you're supposed to be doing."

    If they had any balls, that is.

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