Issues with loading podcasts

I've recently switched over from the Apple Podcast app to Pocketcast after having multiple "issues" with the former and reading excellent reviews of the latter. And I've generally been happy with it. However...

Last week, the 2nd episode of "Better Cast Saul" didn't load until Friday or Saturday (this week's episode loaded just fine), and the 3rd episode of "Everybody Loves Reagan" never loaded. And as of today the 4th episode has not yet loaded.

I can (and will) listen to the episode on the Apple app, and I know it's available on here. But I wanted to know if there are connectivity or server issues with other podcasting apps that are being dealt with (I've already tried unsubscribing and re-subscribing to the podcast twice -- the only progress being that the podcast artwork is now gone).

Any thoughts guys?


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Try unsubscribe and resubscribing. That seems to do the trick. We had a hiccup with our feeds last week that threw some podcatchers for a loop.
  • Not sure I know the answer to that, James. I listen through iTunes on my iPhone. Never had a problem. When I switch over to my Apple TV, the podcast syncs up right where I last listened on the phone.

    I like Stitcher, too. Have you tried them?

    Good luck, bro.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    edited February 2015
    I'm having issues streaming the podcast from the site. Trying to download the mp3 now as it froze on me 2 times already but the download seems to be extremely slow and fluctuating in download speed. It shouldn't take 20 minutes to download a 25 MB mp3 on a 250 MB/s connection :/

    Seems to get stuck at the 8 MB mark or something...

    EDIT: It finally picked up and downloaded the other 17 MB in a minute or two :)
  • JamesJames southern California

    Try unsubscribe and resubscribing. That seems to do the trick. We had a hiccup with our feeds last week that threw some podcatchers for a loop.

    Thanks, A.Ron. I tried that, a couple of times, but the problem seems to be that they show "Baggage" as the latest available episode. I've emailed Pocketcast, I just wanted you guys to be aware of the problem as well. As I said, I can get the latest episodes through Apple's native app, so I'm not missing anything.
  • Having the same issue with pocketcast. Still can't get everybody loves reagan 3 & 4. Watching Dead "Them" instant take and full episode showed up together on Wednesday or Thursday. Unsubscribing/resubscribing doesn't fix it.
  • JamesJames southern California
    @victorykje, @A_Ron_Hubbard --

    Just got a reply from a tech at Pocket Casts. There was a glitch after Episode 302 (the "hiccup" A_Ron referred to) that resolved itself in the case of the Better Cast Saul podcast, but that required them to manually re-enable the feed for Everybody Loves Reagan (it's painful every time I type that title, BTW). Long story short, both of the missing episodes have appeared on their server and (bonus) the cover art has returned as well!
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