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As alluded to in today's Lunch, we're moving on up!  We are significantly upgrading both our main website, and forums servers over the weekend, starting probably sometime tonight.  We don't think the main website will ever go down (or any more down than it has been in the past few weeks), but the forums might go down for quite sometime during the maintenance period.  This is because we're physically migrating it to a new server platform, whereas the website we're just virtually allocating it more resources.

Just wanted people to know in case we go down a bit over the weekend.  Our hope is to get both stable by Sunday morning, and we can back things out in case it's not, because we don't want to interfere with our GoT coverage.

Thanks as always for your support.  It's what enables us to grow to meet the demand and continue doing what we do.
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  • I don't see the lunch podcast up yet
  • FernNYC17FernNYC17 New York, NY
    Man how will i get my forum fix tomorrow??? I guess i'll just start tweeting bald move till forum is back up j/k. Great news about the BM upgrades. you guys are moving on up!
  • My initial reaction. Just replace PTA with Bald Move.

  • I think Forum Search is not working at the moment:
    PDO Statement failed to prepare|Gdn_Database|Query|Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list
  • MichelleMichelle California
    @adampasz, it hasn't worked for a very long time. They know. But with the server migration maybe that will be fixed at some point.
  • Oh well. I was just trying to be helpful. :)
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