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Given that this forum has a few The Wire fans, has anyone watched the first season of The Affair?

It's got Dominic West as the lead and John Doman (who seems to be appearing in everything these days).

It also has Ruth Wilson, who co-starred opposite Idris Elba in Luther.

West and Wilson were outstanding in this. They played off each other really well with an intense intimacy that almost made you feel voyeuristic as a viewer. The writing was also very well done relying on a kind of POV "he said-she said" angle with half the episode showing how things happened in West's perspective and the other half showing Wilson's perspective. It's very interesting and mysterious. Heck, I never thought you could give Brooklyn and Long Island such a mysterious and exotic feel, but there you have it.

This is yet another Showtime series I feel has gone a bit under the radar. I highly recommend it.


  • I thought this show was a solid B - well made, well acted, but I could never get invested in the main characters. 
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    I was highly interested in this show with it's beloved characters/actors form The Wire and Luther, but wow did I find it painfully slow and boring. I did the first 4 episodes then had to resort to just watching the recaps and the finale. It reminded me of the killing with it's hook that doesn't pay off/isn't resolved at the end of season 1, and the gimmick of he said/she said gets old REALLY quick. As far as under the radar, it won best drama at the golden globes over a much superior/best so far season of Game of Thrones that deserved it.
  • Oh wow. Obviously I don't pay attention to the GGs. And I just learned that Ruth Wilson won it for best actress in a drama. Yeah, it's been hard for me to find people to discuss this with. That's why I got the feeling it went under the radar.

    I'm notorious among my friends for enjoying films and series that painfully slow. :)

  • I watched it and yes it moved slow but it was very interesting with the two different views of how things happened. I especially like how Noah recalls Alison as a sexy, free spirit but in Alison's stories she thinks of herself as plain, with low-self esteem and depressed. Her take on Helen is interesting too, when she recalls seeing her, Helen is always put together so well and sophisticated. In my opinion I don't think there will be enough story for more than a second season though. But I am looking forward to season 2 anyways.

  • That's a great point about how they each see other and themselves in the two perspectives.

    And I agree that it's difficult to see how this can go beyond another season given the premise. There are a few shows like that now. The Leftovers is one that comes to mind.
  • I haven't watched this, but I think I may check it out now.  Thanks for the suggestion!
  • I liked the story, the performances and the shift of perspective device, but I also feel there's not enough material there for a multi-season arc. I think they should've used the Fargo or True Detective model and tell a different story each season. Still it's worth watching and fans of the Wire should at least watch the pilot for the Rawls/McNulty dynamic.
  • I watched the season 2 premiere last night. It's gotten even better. They're expanding the perspectives this time around. It's very interesting. Maura Tierney really brought it in that first episode.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    I agree, the premiere was really good, and I'm glad we will get Helen and Coles views now. I was real suspect last season on what a season 2 could even be but I'm like gym what I'm seeing so far.
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    Anyone keeping up this season? This show has been really good this year, the addition of Cole and Helens perspectives gave me a sympathy for them two characters I didn't have at all last season. I really hope Alison isn't the killer and that the baby is Noah's but I don't know if they are making it so obvious for a swerve or because they don't think they will get or can do a season 3. Either way Scotty is a fucking dick and has beef with everyone so it's a real toss up.

    I really like Alison, mostly because I have a giant crush on Ruth Wilson and loved her work on Luther (new episodes soon!), but I also really like Noah because of that actor and The Wire, but I'm pretty upset at him cheating on the women he cheated on his wife with, like wtf man.
  • @Drew   Yeah, I have been loving this season. This, Fargo and The Leftovers have made my golden trifecta this fall. All three have been excellent. That last episode was off the wall. I agree that the additional perspectives have made Helen and Cole much more sympathetic, but wow, Noah is such an asshole. An expertly played asshole by Dominic West, but still a total asshole.

    What do you make of this idea that it could be Alison who swerved to kill Scotty when that is exactly how Noah's novel ends with except it's the murder of Alison's character? I'm not sure what to take from that. If you're defense goes with that, wouldn't that still incriminate Noah to the prosecutor and possibly a jury? That said, I can't wait to see who the actual father is.

    It's funny how all three shows I mentioned all made pretty obvious references to The Sopranos this week. This one referenced Meadow's boyfriend from season 3 with such a jarringly beautiful effect. Goddamn, I love this show.
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    @AntManBee honestly I still suspect that Whitney probably was the killer somehow, I just feel it would be to obvious that it was Alison considering they played her as suspicious last season as well
  • This is my current weekly hate watch show. My expectations for a Dominic West/Ruth Wilson team up were too high for it to ever live up to my expectations. Plus, I'm still pissed that West passed on the role of Mance Rayder. 
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    So I just marathoner the last 3 episodes. Wow. So Noah is actually innocent in a way to the actual killing and Alison and Helen both actaully the killers. I'm not very sure what we will get next season with Noah confessing his guilt to cover for Alison and Helen. That finale was actually really really good.
  • Alright. Anyone watching this season? What the hell? It's so... boring and unimaginative and too many coincidences. It doesn't have the magic the first two seasons have. But ungggghhh... angry, brooding Joshua Jackson is really doing something for me. It's lie he's channeling his real life drama with Diane Kruger having an affair with Norman Reedus and leaving him. 

    Unrelated, but I just started Luther and HOLY SHITE is Ruth Wilson amazing on that show!
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