Stranger Things on Netflix

A new Netflix original coming July 15 is a horror story set in a small town that is remiscent of Steven King's earlier works. The trailer looks really interesting and a big horror fan, and a big fan of Steven King.


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    Speaking of stranger things, I think they put the PBS Bob Ross series on.

    I love a pretty little tree. I never smoked grass in college but I always assumed that's what it felt like.

    It was very soothing.
  • I'm looking forward to it. Looks like it could go either way, but I hope its good. Only 8 episodes so I'll probably watch it all.
  • World of tomorrow is a 18 minute short about a clone returning about 300 years in the past to speak her original self, which is a young child. It is animated and it gets real meta. Very weird.
  • just binged the whole season. pretty good. 
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    Just started looks like a number of things I have seen from the likes of Spielberg, the latest being Super 8. I still gonna to give it a try.
  • Is it lame that I'm going to start watching because I heard there was a Dungeons and Dragons tie-in?
  • It's so good! I just finished. It's like E.T. / Super 8 / Poltergeist / Steven King all mashed together!
  • Started it around 11 pm last night, finished it around 6 this morning. Would like to hear Jim and A.Ron do a wrap up on this when they finish it. 
  • Loved this.
    It was so right on with the period - I even loved the opening sequence!
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  • On second thought I wonder if Jim and A.Ron's experience will differ from those of a comparable age since they were raised as J-Hovs. I know they've probably seem most of the movies that inspired the series,but not at the age that really kicks you in the nostalgia bits. 
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    Most important thing about the show is the Schwinn Stingray the one kid rids. Yep, had me one of those.
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  • Only 2 episodes in. Love the weirdness and Silver Hair Modine.

    The girl playing 11 was in a BBCA show called Intruders back in 2014 I believe. She is very talented.
  • I just finished the season myself, and I really enjoyed it overall. I do still have some questions, and not everything was wrapped up as neatly as I would have liked, but I thought it was a great first season of a show, and I am excited at the prospect of a season 2. 

    I think they did an excellent job with a cast mostly comprised of kids and teenagers. The kid actors were all good to great, in my opinion. I also think they did a good job of giving each kid their own personality and issues. It wasn't just "kids", they were treated as people, which helped me to identify with them a lot. I liked that these kids were just the nerdy kids. Sometimes TV shows or movies that want to have the nerdy-kid-is-really-the-hero storyline feel the need to give the Nerdy Kid something stereotypically cool about them. But these kids were just straight up nerds, and they were cool because they were nerds, not in spite of it. And all the things they figured out during the adventure felt like things these kids would know. It didn't feel like it was so advanced that it was unbelievable these kids understood it, or so simple that it was dumb. They hit the sweet spot with that. 

    I could have done without so much of the Steve and Nancy storyline. Why did Steve need an entire character arc? I mean, who gives a shit about Steve? But other than that, and some questions I have (outside of the deliberately opened ended ones left at the end), I thought it was excellent, and super fun to watch. 
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    Watching the pilot and I was hooked before the opening credits.

    Speaking of, I love that they used the font used on a lot of 80s tv shows and after school specials.

    They really got the hair, makeup, clothes, and accessories right for this being set in 1982.

    Nice to see Winona Ryder back on the screen.
  • I just started episode 3 and I'm digging it for the most part but I do have one gripe. It seems that this show suffers from TWD-esque continuity issues. I've noticed a few times now that the characters will be indoors where the sun is clearly blazing through the windows and then they go outside to the darkness of night. (Example: the very beginning of episode 3)It's a minor gripe but I've noticed it on more than one occasion so far through just 2 episodes. Other than that it's been pretty good so far. I like how much it feels like an 80's piece even down to the title sequence and font. And the "monster" or whatever the hell it is has been pretty creepy. We'll see how it goes but so far it's got it's claws in me.
  • Can't get enough of this show.  I love this type of stuff.  Old school campy type horror sic-fi count me in any day. 
  • This show is amazing truly. I cant imagine anyone not at least enjoying it. The kids are all good to great and the sci fi story with a mix of horror and spielberg flavor is perfect. I want more now. Also doing 8 ep season was smart n worked for it.

    Just finished it and I loved it,

    9/10 because lets be honest, some of those kids were the worst part of the show. 11 was great though. I like how the story line with Steve and Nancy turned around although I was expecting here to get with Jonathan at the end. Wynona Rider was great in this, hadn't seen her in much for a while. 

    The look and feel of this show was great and it also kind of reminded me of Silent Hill when they would go to the shadow world or whatever they called it.

    Never really explained to much about the creature or where it came from but that was okay (although would have liked more of an explanation). And I wonder if they wen't to 11's mom and said "Hey we found your daughter! But she dead now :("

    D&D thumbs up. 

    Some parts had me tearing up a bit like the ending and the back story of Chief Hopper with his girl. So over all pretty great but now its over :(
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    Definitely seems like the whole season can relate back to cancer and wouldn't be surprised if the writers came out and said it was all a metaphor for cancer. What happened to Will can be a literary representation of a child going through cancer and surviving. If you look at Will's arc throughout the season it feels like a metaphor for cancer. From diagnosis(disappearing) to presumed dead(body shows up) to fighting and beating it(surviving in the shadow world and beiing found) and finally to the end scene which shows him still living with it and the constant fear of it returning(bathroom scene). 
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    80s kids will love this - I thought it was fantastic, and the kids were great. Even Winona - who generally irks me - was really good, and it's nice to see David Harbour get some attention.
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  • I like Eggos but I am no savior.
  • I really thought this was one of the better seasons of anything I've ever watched. This will tickle most people right in the 80's fancy. E.T., The Thing, It, Stand By Me, The Goonies, etc. It all feels like it's baked together on a delicious casserole. It hits all the nostalgia notes perfectly, and never comes off as pandering to that demographics sensibilities. I truly think this is something that ANYONE could and would enjoy.

    Loved the acting, the children especially, which is usually the worst part. Everything about these kids felt like real kids, and not actors.
  • Just finished it and loved this show.  Im a nostalgia junkie and can't believe i haven't seen anything like this in the past.  Love the kids, don't know if they are good actors like some picked apart above but they were great in their roles.  So fun.
  • I loved it - the 80's nostalgia really hit home for me and didn't feel over done, the kids were good to great (my goodness, the girl that played Eleven was exceptional), and the story was fun.  I thought Winona Ryder was incredible, and limiting the season to 8 episodes saved her storyline from wallowing in the "nobody believes me" territory for too long. I agree with some of the other commenters that the show does suffer a bit from "if characters would just talk to each other, this would move forward so much faster!" But it's really explainable - the younger kids don't think anyone would believe them, Nancy and Jonathan probably have the same feelings plus they don't want to give Jonathan's mom false hope, and really, why would the adults include the kids at all?  My one legit gripe in this area is that Hopper didn't call Will's mom the second he found out the body was fake.  He waited hours (maybe a whole day?)  I get that he wanted to investigate but it would have given Joyce the validation and comfort to know that someone else believed her.  Overall a terrific experience, and I hope it gets a second season.
  • Loved it. So much 80s nostalgia I was downright giddy at times. Yet it was well written and executed. During the first cold open I thought it would be too scary for me so I'm glad I didn't give up.
    PS Poor Barb.
  • Barb got what she deserved.
  • DrKen said:

    Speaking of stranger things, I think they put the PBS Bob Ross series on.

    I love a pretty little tree. I never smoked grass in college but I always assumed that's what it felt like.

    It was very soothing.

    Bob Ross is the best cure for insomnia

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    This show is amazing!! It hits at every level. The kids have a great story, the teens have a decent story and the adults have a great story. Jim and A-Ron have to watch this and make a pod. This is too good to pass up.
  • Leave Barb alone! @DancesWithWookies, Every girl who has a friend that acts stupid around a boy has been Barb. It especially sucks when you're in middle school.
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