¿Qué opinan ustedes de Narcos?

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We're one and a half eps in, and so far I'm enjoying it.  It is a bit of a mixed bag, shifting between a "Breaking Bad" or "Godfather" style gritty family crime drama and a "these are their stories" buddy action cop piece.

The buddy action cop stuff isn't as good as the gritty family crime stuff.  I can definitely see the influence of The Villigan, Steven Soderberg and Martin Scorsese in Pablo's story.  Oberyn Martell's like feels a little less genuine, but is still entertaining.

Pablo definitely has an "El señor Blanco" thing going on and there's a lot of Pinkman energy in the younger supporting characters.

What did you think?


  • Just finished episode 4 and holy shit. I had a feeling some of that might happen, but I was definitely surprised by the extent. I've been liking all of the Pablo stuff a lot. The actor is charismatic as hell and there has been a good blend of doting father and psychopathic killer. The one thing about Narcos I haven't missed is the narrator. I can't take how cool he thinks he sounds. I get that it's supposed to be like a Scorcesse film, but this guy is no Joe Pesci or Bobby D. 
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    I think it's awesome.  As good if not better than season one, I'm leaning towards better.  I still have 3 episodes to go, and it annoys me that they're factually coloring outside the lines a bit more than they did last  year, but  still, I can't argue with the results.  
  • I really enjoy the series, even when it's embellishing the truth a bit. The one thing I don't like is like @Dummy said:the narrator. Not only is Pena a much more compelling character and better actor, but it feels like Netflix didn't really trust its audience. Not only does the narrator overexplain things, but its like Netflix didn't think that a show with mostly Latino actors would do well and had to make sure that a blue eyed guy was front and center. Murphy's story, and his troubles with his wife, are so dull compared to everything else. At least there was less of him this season.

    You don't need the Narrator going "and the Cali cartel was really violent" in the middle of a scene where they are torturing someone. And "will Murphy stay married" is just dull.

    But other than that, great. Especially since they were willing to deal a bit more with the shades of gray of the story (like propping up the Cali cartel).
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  • Just finished the season and it was fantastic. The year is still early, but I find it hard to believe that anyone is going to have a better performance than Wagner Moura. This season was definitely better than season 1, and I now can see how they can continue into multiple years. 

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  • @Dummy I agree about Moura. There were several times I had to rewind a scene because I stopped paying attention to the dialogue because I was so mesmerized at his performance. I can't really decide which season I liked better but they are both amazing so I guess "who cares??"
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