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I'm currently rewatching the series and FYI, if you binge watch the first three episodes today (3/5) you can watch one episode a day leading up to the season 5 premiere on 4/12.

I thought it would be cool to have a thread to post new things I see as well as random thoughts and observations I have. Share yours too!

Episode 1 - One thing new I noticed in the pilot episode, is that there are some Unsullied, our at least what I think are Unsullied, at Dany & Drogo's wedding. They don't look like the Unsullied we have become familiar with, but this is an almost dead on description of how they are described in the book.

Thank goodness, the Double Ds didn't go with that ridiculous look when they introduced the Unsullied in Season 3.
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  • Episode 2 - Damn, I hope Arya gets a reunion with Jon and Nymeria someday. Seriously you guise, da feels.

    Some really great foreshadowing of Bran's warging ability when Ned kills Sansa's wolf and Bran awakens from his coma.
  • Illyrio had unsullied as household gaurd as I recall from the books. I never noticed them at the wedding. Nice catch.
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    Yup, good eye.  I think I *might* have talked about that in the season one spoiler sections, but I like the winking nod to the books.  Although in the books, those unsullied had been allowed to grow fat, since they're eunuchs and been used more as household guards. These dudes were still in fighting trim.  
  • Episode 3 - really starting to notice how much different Ned Stark's accent than anyone else in the series. If they had to do it over again, I wonder if the Double D's might have Sean Bean tone it down a tad.

    Episode 4 - Robert Baratheon is still the funniest character. "Lancelllll Lannisterrr. Gods, what a stupid name."

    Episode 5 - really noticing how much bigger of a budget HBO has given the show now. Best example is The Eryie.

    I think Jory Cassell would have definitely been a fan favorite.
  • I guess I should also do a "Kill of The Week".

    Ep1 - White Walker decapitating the Night's Watch Ranger.
    Ep2 - Ned kills Lady.
    Ep3 - N/A
    Ep4 - The Mountain goes for the jugular on Ser Hugh.
    Ep5 - Jamie knifes Jory through the eye socket.
  • Just curious... can you explain the point of a rewatch thread that asks for "no spoilers"? How could you be spoiled if you've already watched it? 
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  • Just curious... can you explain the point of a rewatch thread that asks for "no spoilers"? How could you be spoiled if you've already watched it? 

    No future spoilers, please. Pardon my paranoia.

  • It is really easy to forget how good season 1 is!  It may not be as epic as later seasons, but it is so much more focused and concise in it's storytelling.  It seems like it takes so long for people to get from one place to another in future seasons, but consider Tyrion's arc.  In one season he travels from Winterfell to the wall, to the trident, to the eyrie, back to the trident, and he arrives in King's Landing at the beginning of season 2.  If Tyrion tried this in later seasons it would have taken him a whole season just to get to the wall.  Season 1 also only has 3 main stories to keep track of.  You're either at the wall with John Snow, in Esos with Daenerys, or in King's Landing with everyone else.  I also think King's Landing is generally the best part of Game of Thrones in any given season, so it's nice to have so much of it in the first season  Having Sean Bean and King Robert around doesn't hurt things either.  I'm not saying season 1 is my favorite season, but there's something special about it.  It's the same way I feel about season 2 of Breaking Bad.  It may not be the best season, but it's more fun and intimate than later seasons.
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    I just started reading the books. I'm on page 260 out of 800...... Of book one..... It is pretty similar to the first season though.
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    I just re-watched up to 4.09 a couple of weeks ago (some while I was sick).  One thing that stuck out to me in season one was at the Lannister camp when Shae, Bronn and Tyrion were in the tent.  Tyrion wants to play that drinking game and starts by guessing Bronn has been north of the wall, Bronn takes a drink (indicating Tyrion was correct).

    I've only read the first book, but I am curious as to why and when Bronn was north of the wall?  Why would anyone besides a Brother of the Night's Watch go north of the wall?

    I suppose a highborn person could if they wanted, but Bronn isn't highborn.
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