Pulp Fiction & Ezekial 25:17

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The Ezekial 25:17 passage in Pulp Fiction is lifted from Sonny Chiba's "The Bodyguard."

Chiba played Hantori Hanso in Kill Bill.


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    Ah, that's interesting.  Kind of moves my question from "why did QT invent a bad ass bible verse?" to "why did Chiba feel the need to invent a bad ass bible verse?" but you know, it works.
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  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
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    It also fits into the Full Tinfoil Theory of Tarantino that his characters live in a universe that is consciously cinematic.  In Inglourious, Hitler dies in a movie theater.  And so film becomes as central to their postwar cultural identity of victory as the space program and the nuclear arms race did in our universe.

    Jules didn't read the Bible.  He learned the Bible from Sonny Chiba, who is a holy figure in the cinematic Tarantinoverse.

    There is an Ezekial 25:17 that does vaguely relate to Jules' monologue. It's not a stretch to imagine that translating it into Chinese and back could end up with a more poetic construction.

    But the Tinfoil Key is that this is the way people get religion in Tarantino's world.

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