Black Sails The Final Season

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Big trailer just got released check it out.

A lot of interesting things in this as well as some cool visuals. It seems like things will finally come to a head with Flint and Billy Bones. The shot of Long Johnson Silver in the door way is really cool.

Also here is the official poster for the final season.


  • Aaaaaah way cool, man. It looks epic and I am so not ready for this show to be over. Still not over Vane's death either, and from the looks of it there will be many more deaths coming...
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Thanks for sharing.  Man I love this show and I am really going to miss it.  I am going to indulge and devour this last season.
  • Looks amazing, I love this show! Too bad next season will be the last one.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    @reni I agree about Vane, his death was one of the most shocking events on television last year. I'm going to guess Flint will finally be brought down this season but I hope by the end Silver is still around.

    I agree with everyone that it's a shame the show is ending, but if you're going to end why not do it at the top of your game. Also as a sign of the way Starz views the quality of this show they are moving it to Sunday nights with the big boys.
  • @drew As far as I remember, John Silver, Billy Bones and Flint were all in Treasure Island, so I would guess they are safe. As far as the ones based on real-life pirates, we know how many of them died - though for example irl Vane died later than Jack Rackham, so they're not sticking exactly to how it happened. So could it be they change up the Treasure Island stuff as well?
    Also I don't know, but the story has gotten so epic with fighting England etc. it's hard to imagine these hardened men will go back to "simple" treasure hunting after being badass warriors.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    Hey everyone just giving this thread a bump to remind you that the final season starts this Sunday! That's right Black Sails has joined the big boys moving from Saturday to Sundays. See you all out there on the open seas!
  • I'm hyped. Sad to see the show go, but I expect nothing less than an epic final season.
  • Well, has anyone seen it yet? I thought it was really great for a first episode, awesome choice they started it right off with a battle scene. Even knowing that of course John Silver wouldn't die, it put me on the edge of my seat.
    Rolled my eyes a bit that Eleanor married the governor, I just don't think they have any chemistry or a good relationship, I think it's a power play on her part, but we shall see... Good setup of dynamics with Billy Bones vs. Flint. Hope to see lots of Anne and Jack too. I miss Vane :( What did everyone else think?
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
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    Just got done watching, good first episode. Not knowing anything about Treasure Island I don't really know who is going to live or die and with Vane dying last season I can't really go off historical fact either.

    Silver I'm assuming will make it through the series since I already know he is a character in the book but even still as you said @Reni i was on the edge of my seat watching his scenes, very intrigued by the end of the episode. RIP to that poor goat.

    Flint v Billy Bones is years in the making so I can't wait to see them finally come to blows, Billy looks like a bad ass with the beard and I'm pretty excited to see more of his growing group of men, it sounds like he's been really busy in between the last season and now.

    Eleanor marrying Rogers was pretty surprising, but I'm interested in seeing where her story goes trying to influence things going on in England. I would have thought her family's influence was lessened by her and her father being supporters of the pirates but maybe I'm forgetting something.

    Oh and Jack and Anne, I really enjoyed that battle on the ship and Jack needing to push the limits to avenge Vane. Anne is clearly ready to be done with this life so I'm interested to see where that goes, I know the way Jack and Annes story ends historically but I don't think that's the way the shows going to go.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    I'm really glad that we had happy endings for everyone we care about, I was expecting a way more bleak end to this show but I last 15 or so minutes had me grinning from ear to ear.

    I hope in the coming years people are able to find this show and it becomes a cult hit. What started in season 1 as an alright soapy pirate show grew into a show that can absolutely stand toe to toe with some of the best shows produced in the modern television landscape.
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    Kind of bummed no one was writing in this thread as I remember some of us had a good discussion going here through last season, but oh well... Just watched the finale, so spoilers all from now on.

    I loved this season and it absolutely lived up to my expectations, the only storyline I didn't like was probably Max's. I have never liked her character and I really don't think she deserves the powerful position she was left in. I also didn't buy her whole "oh Anne I love you" tearful act, to me their affair was never anything real, because Anne+Jack forever and I always had the impression Max just went into the affair trying to seperate them. So I was super glad to see they remained united at the end.

    Billy pissed me off, even though he was always kind of antagonizing Flint I liked him for being a straighforward guy in a group of smart, sly, always planning 10 steps ahead people. But him becoming a traitor and ending up shooting his former mates drowning in the water, wow man, that was low, low, low, and unforgiveable.

    One of the most memorable moments was easily Teach's death. I just remember sitting in front of the screen and feeling my heart sink in my chest, a little more every time he was pulled under, such an impactful scene. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

    The ending I thought was bittersweet, yes I can see where Silver was coming from, and yes of course the war (and especially a win) was never going to happen, but I am such a Flint fangirl I was still holding out hope until the very end. I've grown from hating Silver to absolutely adoring him, but for some odd reason I can't explain my loyalty was always and forever lying with Flint, no matter what he did. It was nice to see him reunited with Thomas, although admittedly a bit soapy.

    I kept hoping they'd bring back Vane even if only for a dream sequence or flashback, but no such luck. Anyway, what did everyone else think?

    Also, Mary Read at the end? Nice.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    The finale had everything for me beauty, love, loss, rage, distrust and hope. It perfectly set up Treasure Island.

    Flint reunited with the one person he thought was dead and connected him to the past. Sliver ever the sly one, even betrayed Madi a created a rift in their relationship.

    Anne and Jack on top. They continue to live like pirates and sustain the legacy of pirate island as well as Flint's buried treasure.

    It's rare these days to get a happy ending, to that end I was pleasantly and throughly surprised and engaged. Well done, Black Sails, well done.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    @Reni i completely agree with you on Teachs death. It was absolutely disturbing and brutal, the fact that he just wouldn't die and had to be put down by a bullet was devastating. You could tell how everyone on both sides of the war on that ship were becoming more and more disturbed by how brutally he was tore up and still staying alive.

    That scene also lead into one of my favorite moments of the season when Anne saved the crew by getting the shit kicked out of her. I really thought she was going to die in that scene and her being able to prevail and free the pirates despite being absolutely brutalized had me both happy/sad at the same time. I grew to like Max more than I did at the beginning of the series but the Jack/Anne reunion at the end of the episode was really a feel good moment and Max looking on from afar and realizing that Jack is ultimately the one Anne is destined to be with brought the entire arc with the 3 of them full circle.

    I'll be honest the reunion of Thomas and Flint choked me up, Flint has done some heinous things over the course of the series but it all came from that tortured part of him and that weight was visible throughout the series from the time the Thomas storyline was revealed.

    I am glad they were able to convince Flint to end the war, as modern people we all knew the eventual outcome and as they were leading into the final battle with Rogers I wanted Jack to just put his foot down and tell them all to face reality and admit the war was over, no matter the amount of victories they had someone among them had to be smart enough to admit to themselves it was an unwinnable war, they would never be able to ultimately match the power of the English and Spanish army.

    And despite the good feelings and happiness we got with the endings we do all know that it's going to end badly for these people. Mary/Anne/Jack will eventually have a falling out and all be killed, and unless we're to believe in the shows universe Flint stays at the plantation the rest of his life he's mostly know for dying alone on an island.

    I know it will never happen but if Starz could sign these people and get the budget it would be awesome to get this cast back and do a one off special that takes place during the events of Treasure Island.
  • @Drew I don't believe for a second that Flint remains on that plantation for long, not even in the show's universe. Sure, it's nice he's reunited with Thomas, but he's not the kind of man who would be satisfied with a life of field work. He is a strategist, an extremely smart and passionate man who believes in things bigger than himself. He doesn't belong in that freaking place, with or without Thomas.
    Frankly I don't remember much from Treasure Island - I'm thinking it's the perfect time for a re-read.

    Also I don't see why they could not bring the crew back together for a sequel/tv movie/whatever. Damn, if Prison Break could do that after 8 years (and with all the main actors back!) then there's no reason they shouldn't, especially as these actors are way less well known and probably not that sought after.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    It's not hard to imagine that Thomas dies, causing Flint to escape the plantation and begin his downward spiral.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    I'll also say that this was one of the finest shows I've seen for awhile, and perhaps the finest series finale. Of course the story veered away from Nassau politics into the world of famous literary fiction with Skeleton Island, yet Rackham's final speech about stories becoming true is also a fine meta-commentary on just such moments.

    I must admit I got a bit weak-eyed at the final scenes with Rackham; and what device is more emblematic than the Jolly Roger? One hopes Anne, Rackham, and Mary yet have some time for adventure ahead of them.

    The show's character development was extraordinary, and I'll miss them.

    I really do see myself binge-watching the whole thing.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
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    Yes, I loved the ending, but I wasn't sure if it was real.  Did Silver shoot Rogers or did he convince him to give up pirating and reunite with Thomas?  There was so much symbolism and filtered hues in the episode.  Was the plantation supposed to represent something else like Hades, with the gates and the field symbolizing Elysium?  The whole Orpheus and Eurydice thing being mentioned.  I haven't brushed up on my Greek mythology of late, but I just don't know.  

    I kinda love it that the ending is vague and it is up to the viewer to decide what they believe occurred.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    On the night of the finale I saw someone on another site say he could see Flint leaving the plantation and having his lonely death actually be because Thomas shuns him. Essentially when Flint admits to killing Thomas father, getting Miranda killed, and becoming the most infamous and dangerous pirate in the world, Thomas would be disgusted and hate Flint.

    I've always been pretty shocked at the near 0 attention I see this show getting, even the smallest, most obscure shows get more attention than this show does. I don't really get it, as I said eaelier I hope this show finds another life but the amount of TV there is its always hard to commit to something old, already I feel that way.
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