Binge Watching recommendations?



  • I guess you could binge then:

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People with Alec Guinness.
  • @akritenbrink on the spy front: Try London Spy or Hunted
  • Has anyone watched Poldark? I have this Canadian Facebook friend who is really into it. IDK if they got it before we did or what, but she's been telling me about it for a while.

    Yes, very good! Season 2 started a few weeks ago. I haven't read the books but I'm really enjoying the series.
  • I can cosign both The Last Kingdom (season 2 is in production), The Night Manager (only 6 episodes) and Johnathan Strange...

    I'll also throw in
    Rubicon (if you can find it you'll like the Michael Cristopher connection with Mr Robot).
    Carnivale (HBO)
    The pillars of earth (has a sequel World without end I haven't watched yet)
    The White Queen (enjoyed it)
    The Borgias (if you like Jeromy Irons)
    Fringe (XFiles type show)
    Battlestar Galactica (remake)

    I'm sure there are others I'm missing...
  • @KingKobra Big cosign on Fringe. I love that show. Walter Bishop is one of my all time favorite tv characters. Top 5 for sure.
  • MrXMrX CO
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    Travis said:

    @KingKobra Big cosign on Fringe. I love that show. Walter Bishop is one of my all time favorite tv characters. Top 5 for sure.

    I also highly recommend Fringe. Didn't get a whole lot of love - I think folks wrote it off after a shaky first season - but holy cow seasons 2-4 is one of my favorite stretches of tv. And I thought it ended very strong (better than Lost). Was one of the best recent science fiction shows and had real emotion and great characters. I get misty-eyed just thinking about Walter and Peter's relationship. John Noble really deserved an Emmy for his performance.

  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    @MrX  "I get misty-eyed just thinking about Walter and Peter's relationship."

    YES. I was far more invested in Peter and Walter than I ever was in Peter and Olivia, but then I'm a sucker for parent-child relationships (see my love for Alias above). 

  • I was ready to jump in screaming DEADWOOD before I even read that you liked historical shows.  If you haven't seen it, do, and it's only 3 seasons.  Very bingeable.
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  • Ray Donovan is a great Showtime show, as well. Very bingeable.

  • I don't think this fits your description of what you're looking for, necessarily, but I highly recommend Star Trek: Deep Space 9 as a general awesome binge/background show. You get a little bit of a lot of genre stuff in the Star Trek setting, and a mix of stand alone episodes and long-arc plots...
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Penny Dreadful
  • I'm surprised I forgot this one with Westworld on. I'll add Humans which I think you'll like since it deals a lot with the implications of self aware AI.
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  •'s another suggestion, but most likely a very long shot: Columbo. Peter Falk is so good in it, and there's something refreshing about the setting (1970s) not having all the technology; something quaint about a detective simply figuring out a murder without worrying about modern CSI techniques...
  • firefly if you've not seen it.
  • Oops adding Some more

    The Magicians (almost like a grown up/YA version of Harry Potter)
    The Expanse (Syfy show that is actually SciFi)
    12 Monkeys Time Travel that for the most part keeps great track of the "rules" it sets.
    The 100 (CW show, not great, but pretty good)
  • i binge-watched adventure time (not all in one-sitting obv) and i'm now watching a few episodes a night of steven universe.
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  • Wilfred, definitely bingeworthy
  • Not sure if this would fit your wants
    Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Generation Kill
  • Psych is literally one of my favorite shows. It's total redundant, goofy, procedural, junk food but it has a really great charisma to it and is a whole lot of fun. Season 1 is a little shaky, but they figured it and hit a nice stride in season 2, and got even better in 3. If you're looking to shut your brain off with a fake psychic it's a lot of fun. They also did sort of homage episodes which always played really nicely. The ones for Twin Peaks, American Idol, and the Shining are some of my favorite episodes of the show. 
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    Have you seen Twin Peaks? its not a long watch in terms of episodes but the first 20 episodes are fantastic. I've recommended it a few times on this board, it does get dark in places and the acting is deliberately hammed up but its a good watch

    The post movie (Fire Walk with Me) is a little darker but I think its a decent movie and end to the series. plus there is an new season coming out soon, its much anticipated but I'm a little nervous about them stuffing it up.
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  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    Spartacus. Glorious and over-the-top.
    Even more so, the first season of Sleepy Hollow. Don't bother with the rest.
    Danger 5, if you can find it.
  • @manhattnik Good call on Sleepy Hollow season 1. It became a total shit show in season 2 (I will never forgive them for such poor use of John Noble in the second season) and we dropped out in early season 3, but the first season was really fun.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    @Travis Yeah. I loved the marvelous craziness of Season 1, but it was a calamitous plunge after that. The two lead actors and their charisma kept the show afloat. I may start season 4 but I doubt I'll finish it.
  • Another one that my wife and I just finished going through was Derek on Netflix. Amazing performance by Ricky Gervais (who I'm generally kind of luke warm on) and just a really good show. It gets pretty dark, but there is a real sweetness to it. Very funny at points too. Definitely recommend it for a nice dramady.
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