20 Million Downloads Q&A Extravaganza



  • GrahamGraham Grand Rapids, MI
    Congrats on 20 million downloads and 10 years of podcasting, if I am correct. Looks like the first episode of PowerPlay came out October 12, 2006. Though technically A.Ron didn't join until Blue Yonder in 2010, but still. I guess my question is what do you guys consider to be the true beginning of Bald Move?
  • Love listening to your podcast and looking forward to Nerd Con.
    As much as you love The Wire have either of you ever watched Homicide Life On The Street?
    May have already been stated but is there a possible plan for LWJ&A in Huntsville? There is a Chipotle in Huntsville. Like a meetup if you are going to be there on Friday.
    CONGRATS !! on the downloads Guys you deserve it and well done.
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    A.ron you seem pretty comfortable talking about your past experiences with JW and its effect its had on you. I cannot find any detailed mentions of your disassociation with the cult and your family. If its not too painful, can you tell us the story behind your separation from the pack?
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    @bsulli82 , they did cover this in two previous Q&A's, so I'll try to point you to them. One was the Breaking Bad Kick starter Q&A and another was a download # Q&A like this one. It's also discussed a lot on a recent commissioned cast, I believe it was for the movie Magnolia.
  • Here's my questions: 1. If you were put in charge of a wealthy person's philanthropic donations, what is the top cause you would donate to? 2. What is the finest beverage you've ever drank during a podcast recording?
  • @NikkiP I have listened to all 3 and I know the separation from the cult is alluded to. But, there isn't any breakdown or any mention of what was the breaking point and that is what I am interested in knowing more about.
  • Oh, OK. I know I've heard the details somewhere. Someone needs to make a Bald Move concordance.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Okay, here is a question: So I know there will be times when I say something to someone (at work or whatever) and then go home and constantly, obsessively think about how I said something wrong or how it could be misconstrued, etc.  How often does that happen for you guys? I mean I know you can edit things before sending them out to the unwashed masses, but do you often worry about saying something and it not being taken the way it was intended? Or is that a rookie move that you get over as you podcast more and more. 
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Another question: Is there a show that you wish you didn't cover? Not because of lack-of-quality, but because of how close you are required to get to a show. I.e. looking at theories, reading extensively online, etc. Like @A_Ron_Hubbard you love Game of Thrones. But with the recent season...I could imagine getting way frustrated and want to just enjoy the episodes without having to worry about going through a million e-mails on the subject. Thoughts?
  • tiarastiaras Atlanta, GA

    What US state would you both most like to live in?

  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    Saw the podcast is up. Will a live version of this be up on YouTube?
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Unfortunately no, the video was eaten by a grue, and we were unable to recover it. We were pretty pissed about it.
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    It's all good. Can't wait to listen!
  • Revised question: If you were being attacked by 10-year-olds with spider heads, how many could you take out? :)
  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    Ten minutes in to the podcast... A.Ron I will fight you for Kate McKinnon, fight you 'til the DEATH. :-P
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA

    Unfortunately no, the video was eaten by a grue, and we were unable to recover it. We were pretty pissed about it.

    Can't you guys just go back and just lip-sync the whole thing on video? Its only a 3 hour podcast. Thats not too much to ask is it?
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    I realize my question on air sounded stupid without context.  I think proto-Jim used to be more the straight man, while A.Ron would dive into theories and emotions.  Lately it seems more 50/50.  I think including Jim in the spoiler section has led to more lively GOT podcasts.  And perhaps the tech nature of Mr. Robot, Westworld, and H&CF has added a different energy.

    I was wondering if that energy was perceptible in the studio.  Conversely, have you noticed any changes in the way A.Ron casts? I think there's a pretty big emotional difference in the way he covers The Leftovers compared to other shows.
  • DStarDStar Portland, OR
    I'm always so inspired by the sincerity and jovial nature with which you guys aproach your casts. It's really infectious. I know I'm not alone among your listenership. Just wanted to say thanks and it has and continues to make an impact in my everyday life. Congratulations! Enjoy it, you've certainly earned it. Thanks guys and thanks to a great community!
  • MichelleMichelle California
    @A_Ron_ & @Jim I'm shocked that neither of you chose Brienne! She can whup some ass! Great teams though. I think Jim's team would probably win just for the fact that Robb and Tyrion are on it, but those dragons might create quite the competition. Plus Dani has that never-give-up Dothraki spirit by association, so...I dunno. I actually don't think I'd put money on it.
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    Jim underestimates the benefits of having 40 more Black women doing anything. We could commission The Color Purple 40 more times.
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  • Regarding the fast food wars, Demolition Man question (I never mentioned, but nice pull on that!). I vote Paunch Burger!

  • DIANE REHM. I am speechless.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
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    Congrats on the 20M mark.  I just want to say that I appreciate what you guys do and your love for TV and Film.  Even though you guys are from the midwest and are somewhat white and male oriented coming from IT and such, I love that you guys are very open to new shows, new story lines and different things outside your comfort zone with the search for just intelligent, invigorating, thought provoking, and different TV always your goal.  Cheers and here's to 50M downloads and a successful podcasting life.
  • Congrats on the 20m mark. Also, since you mentioned the wire plans on the podcast, if you ever decide to do it I am a sociology professor and frequently talk about the wire in my social problems class (even use a scene from it), and would be glad to talk about it.
  • Most of the way thru the podcast. I was kind of shocked to find out that Jim and A Ron weren't your real names. Have you ever shared your actual names? If you purposely don't thats fine just curious.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    The Jurrasic Park telltale game is really cool if you are a fan of the films. My kids are obsessed with Jurassic Park and dinosaurs and we played it through like 5 times.
  • jomihajomiha Springfield IL
    Just listened. Love you guys. Sincerely, but not in a creepy way. Mostly.
  • Congrats on the 20m mark. Also, since you mentioned the wire plans on the podcast, if you ever decide to do it I am a sociology professor and frequently talk about the wire in my social problems class (even use a scene from it), and would be glad to talk about it.

    Same for me. I'm getting my PhD in sociology and would be happy to contribute if it ever happens.
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