Anyone else catch the pilot? I really liked it, the show looks very promising. It's quite Veronica Mars-ish with a light sprinkle of Tru Calling. 


  • Yup. I caught it as well. It was pretty decent. I don't know anything about the source material, but it seems to share a lot of its mythology/pseudo-science with Warm Bodies.

    I also like it's B-movie type of tone. It reminds me of Z-Nation in that regard. I'll definitely keep watching.
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    I've been pretty excited for this one to start (which is funny because I've never seen Veronica Mars, but I read the premise after hearing Dan Feinberg mention that a show called iZombie was going to exist and I totally got sucked in by the imdb summary). I wasn't let down, particularly after reading from a couple of people that it only gets better from here. It was a really fun hour of television. I like the characters and the show seems pretty charming and fun and it feels like they've made an interesting little rabbit hole. I'm in!

    Side note: I know I'm not the first to say it, but if you told me two years ago that I would be watching 4 hours a week of CW programming (which is basically more than any other two channels not called AMC combined) I would have said you were nuts. Not to mention that I really enjoyed the first 3 or 4 episodes of Jane the Virgin and may catch up on that at some point and people keep saying that the 100 is really good.

  • @Travis Yeah I don't know anything about the source material, never even heard of this until yesterday when I saw an article about it premiering and thought I'd check it out.

    Yeah that's kinda funny but I guess it just points towards the whole Golden Age of television thing again, cause you can make the same point about Cinemax too. If someone told you five years ago that in 2015 that Cinemax would have not one but three+ really good high quality shows you'd tell 'em to GTFO
  • It's true (though I don't have Cinemax, which shows are you watching there? Banshee is Cinemax, right?), I've never watched fewer movies than I do these days. Who has the time with all of this amazing television. At no other point in my life could I have said that. I mean there are shows currently that I don't have time to watch that would have been appointment television for pretty much any other point in my life. It's crazy. 

  • Banshee, The Knick, and Strike Back are all great Cinemax shows. I also very much enjoyed the Spartacus series too; it was a much dumber show than the others are but still great mindless action entertainment.
  • I didn't realize that the Knick was Cinemax. Crazy. Banshee has been on the list for a while, at least picking up season 1 and giving it a look. I keep hearing great things about Sparticus too.

  • I just caught up to the pilot - pretty good and reminds me a little of Buffy. The answer to the mystery was a little bit Scooby Doo, which actually also reminds me of Buffy. :)
  • watched the pilot last night. very funny.
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    I liked it. As @Travis stated in his post it would be hard to imagine I would he watching as many as 4 hrs of programming on the CW but I do. I will continue to watch iZomobie. I really enjoyed the comic book feel to it.
  • Definitely getting a Veronica Mars vibe from this show. It even has a similar story is engine. I'm not sure if the main girl will be as good as Kristen Bell, but she has potential. I also think this show will be an even more natural transition for Buffy fans than Veronica Mars was.
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    I really enjoyed Episode 2.  I was afraid this would go a little bit Dollhouse (they even have an "Alpha"), but it's funny enough that I really dig it.  It's a combination of the supernatural whimsy of Buffy or Reaper, the personality switching of Dollhouse (but funny), a mystery plot, and that gimmick from Season 1 Dexter where talking to each victim helped Dexter figure out some personal revelation.   (And the Dexter gimmick that some characters mistakenly believe they're in a police procedural show).
    I especially liked:

    - Liv's erotic painter speak, which was hilarious;
    - Alpha, who is looking to be an awesome villain; and
    - Liv's meetings with Major, which were heartbreaking.

    Well played, CW.
  • Reaper is a good comparison actually, since Sam got a different ability every episode based on the particular demon he was supposed to capture that week.
  • @Original_Joseph I agree on all points. It's only two episodes in so far but it's already shaping up to be my favorite show to come along on CW for a long time. 

    I'm wondering if there's some reason they went with a stupid Apple-ish title like iZombie when a title like I, Zombie would be a much better name and make so much more sense as an Asimov reference and analogy. 

    Still waiting to see her to eat delicious sushi roll brains...

  • ghm3 said:

    I'm wondering if there's some reason they went with a stupid Apple-ish title like iZombie when a title like I, Zombie would be a much better name and make so much more sense as an Asimov reference and analogy. 

    That's actually how the comic book title is spelled.
  • @AntManBee Wtf really? That's even more confusing then to already have the perfect title and change it to a far dumber one. I wonder if there were legal reasons or something.
  • @ghm3

    It's possible they were trying to avoid confusion with the 1998 film:

  • @AntManBee Ah could be. Or more likely a legal concern then. The Popcap game Plants vs. Zombies was originally going to be called Lawn of the Dead but they had to change it for legal issues.
  • Ha! That's a shame. What a great title.
  • And my bet is that since the comic is Vertigo (DC), they wanted to separate the title from Marvel's "I, Vampire," plus it's trendy.
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