Designated Survivor

My apologies if there is/was a thread already on this show but I didn't see one.  Any thoughts on this show?  For me, I find it at times hard to see Keifer not in the Jack Bauer role especially in a show like this.  Also, I found stuff like the double agent thing a tad unbelievable but then again, if something like the capital being bombed and practically all federal gov't officials killed, it would be a time for other countries to seize an opportunity when the USA was considered extremely vulnerable.


  • I watched the first few episodes, mainly on my affection for Keifer Sutherland. I found his story kind of compelling and thought he was doing a good job acting-wise. But I didn't give a damn about ANY of the other story lines. I felt the plot was very generic and all of the other characters very annoying. It's off my DVR now and I haven't missed it at all.
  • I've enjoyed the show so far, and I plan on continuing to watch. But, this it's my new go to example of a show with an interesting premise and a respectable cast that would be in so much better hands on cable.

    For my taste, there is one too many cliches, or one too many lines of dialogue that are clearly just meant to make sure that every last person in the audience is absolutely crystal clear on what is happening and why.

    I do find the show enjoyable, but Designated Survivor on AMC or HBO, with about 40% - 60% of the episode commitment per season could be a hit and maybe even a critical darling.
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