Logan - the fatal incident 35 (or was it 30?) years ago?

A.Ron and Jim touched briefly on the potential death of Logan in episode 110 The Bicameral Mind. I believe Logan was that fatal guest incident all those years ago referenced early in the season. (I didn't go back to check the specific wording used; this is my impression of the incident.)

William could have made the case that a further investment into the park would honor the death of their son. Logan had several visits to the park, and William could have stayed close to the truth, which is always better in a lie, telling his soon-to-be in-laws that William died as he had lived - on the edge. William did go on to marry into that family, which I highly doubt would have happened if Logan made it home. William may have told the family about Logan's conversation regarding his (Logan's) recommendation to buy more of the park. William, either through his direct efforts or the family's did end up with majority ownership. 

Any of thoughts as to who the guest was? (Feel free to point me to another forum thread if addressed there. Thanks.)  

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  • The Horse is also a Host, it a good samaritan code in it, It would have just brought Logan back to Sweetwater.  I I would lay 4-1 odds that Logan comes back in some way in season 2
  • I would say that Logan isn't dead. The plan wasn't to kill him, but to humiliate and "break" him. You can hear a little of this in the "crazy" laugh Logan dies as riding off. I'm not sure if he'll be back as him being broken might have lead to his exit. To me Hector is an"near" copy of Logan ;)
  • There's not a shot in hell Logan is dead because it wouldnt make any sense whatsoever for Logan's dad to invest heavily into WW if his son just mysteriously or even accidentally died there. He will be back if they return to Jimmi Simpson's timeframe next season.

    That's a good point actually. Yeah I mean I just figured it was a given that he's a live. Rule of TV, if we don't see it, he's not dead.
  • I think Arnold was the fatal incident. 

    Logan is alive because the last conversation he has with William makes more sense if the plan is to usurp his spot rather than kill him. On the other hand, I don't think they were clear enough about that in the writing. So reasonable people can disagree about it. Even now after re-watching that scene feels ambiguous. I wish they had added one more line to make it clear what Williams intent was. 
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