12 episodes of GOT to re-watch before season 5

I wanted to re-watch the series before the new season, but... not all 40 episodes. I came up with a list of episodes including 3 episodes from each season and based it on some lists that all ready exist online. These are not necessarily the best episodes, but more of mixture of best and most relevant episodes pertaining to the story.

Here are my 12 must re-watch episodes before season 5. What would your 12 episodes be?

S1 E1    Winter is Coming
S1 E5    The Wolf and the Lion
S1 E9    Baelor
S2 E4    Garden of Bones
S2 E6    The Old Gods and the New
S2 E9    Blackwater
S3 E4    And Now His Watch is Ended
S3 E8    Second Sons
S3 E9    The Rains of Castermere
S4 E2    The Lion and the Rose
S4 E7    Mockingbird
S4 E10  The Children


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    If you get rid of Children you miss out on Tywin's death which is kind of a big deal, though.  Oberyn is, while cool, much less vital to the main plot.
  • HollyoakHollyoak Baltimore
    I really enjoyed seeing the last two episodes of season four in IMAX.

    I have to say, Children was a better episode for me than Watchers on the Wall. Non-stop battle is not my thing. That one shot of Stannis riding into Mance Rayder's camp in that pincher formation was one of the best battle shots all season.

    This season will be the most divisive season yet, as David and Dan, the creators, are now heading into territory that is going to spoil the future books. I've read them all, but remember nothing of Dance with Dragons.
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